45+ Work From Home Jobs That Pay $16 Per Hour

Basically, you are looking forward to work from home jobs that pay $16 per hour. Then, continue to read to find more details.

And isn’t it difficult to earn $10 – $20 per hour from home-based jobs? Don’t you think it is a decent amount to enjoy your life?

Luckily, there are good jobs that will help you earn up to $20 or more per hour but you need to select the legit ones.

To earn that amount all you need is to be serious with the job.

Do not take it for granted, as you will not end up satisfying your thoughts.


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45+ Jobs That Pay $16 Per Hour

Organizations have started expanding their offices to all remote areas by letting work from home opportunities. This will surely decrease the expenses for their portion of the job.

Work from home is one such wonderful opportunity that offers employees to work in flexible working hours and flexible work atmospheres.

In today’s world, this option becomes one of the great ideas to use the internet and earn income.

You will find a number of options online, but finding the legit organization will let you struggle a lot. To get you free with that struggling point and earn healthy, try the below legit websites.


Search Evaluator Jobs

This is one of the lucrative ways to earn income from home but you need to have all the technical knowledge required.

This job needs to have knowledge about the algorithm that is in the work behind the search. The search engine evaluator is also known as an internet assessor or Internet judge or ad quality rater.


Hiring at Google is done through consultancies or employment agencies for ads quality raters only.

Knowledge of the local language and its culture is mandatory. You also need to have good communication skills, a college degree, web analytical capability, and minimum experience.

You can pocket up to $15 per hour, a minimum amount with all qualities.


Independent contractors can earn at Appen for around a minimum of $5 to $20 per hour. Good fluency in the language and all the technical knowledge is important.

Start earning at Appen by answering a few tests.

For complete details, check out our Appen Review here.



This is one of the global localization organization which has openings for outsourcing division.

Specific work is assigned to the independent contractor. They need to finish and submit the work at a specific time online. Earn from $10 -$20 hourly, depending upon your caliber at Lionbridge.



A good proficiency in English speaking skills to handle English-based software is necessary. You need to be able to track the content accuracy and the visual quality of Google advertisements.

You will be hired only as a temporary employee at Zerochaos. Pocket around $15-$20 per hour based on your capability.

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Taking online surveys is another great way to make money in your spare time. People might think surveys are just a waste of time but that is completely not correct.

There are a few platforms that pay really well to share your valuable opinions. But if you expect big bucks from this free-time hobby, these platforms will never match your expectations.

Try these below high-paying platforms which pay you to take surveys and more. Let’s check!

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the popular platforms to get paid to share your valuable opinions.

This company has a 4.5/5 stars rating on Trustpilot and 5 million active users. You can pocket around $3-$75 per survey you complete. Signup now and start working.

For complete details, check out our Survey Junkie Review here.


Vindale Research

Want to earn up to $50 per survey? Then you should try Vindale for sure.

Not only surveys, but you can also earn money by watching videos, referring friends, playing games, reading emails, and submitting your payment proofs.

This company pays real cash instead of points and gift cards. Join Vindale Research here and get a $1 instant signup bonus.

For complete details, check out our Vindale Research Review here.



This app is almost similar to Vindale Research. Here you can take surveys, watch videos, play games, shop online to make extra cash.

One more benefit of joining InboxDollars is that you will get a $5 instant signup bonus. Take a movement to complete the signup process and earn your $5 bonus now.

Join InboxPounds or DailyRewards if you belong to the UK or Canada respectively.

For complete details, check out our InboxDollars Review here.


Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is a great place to make some decent bucks by testing and reviewing upcoming products. You can earn up to $7 per product review.

Coming to the surveys, this platform pays $3 per successful survey. Join now and start reviewing products from today.



MyPoints is well-known for simple and quick surveys that pay really well. This platform also offers free gift cards as giveaways.

You can withdraw your earnings via PayPal once you cross the threshold. Join and complete your first 5 surveys and get a $5 bonus.



MindsPay is another high-paying survey platform on the Internet. According to the company, you can get paid up to $50 for each survey and $.50 per email you read.

Join MindsPay here and start browsing a high-paying survey.



Similar to InboxDollars, here you will get paid to do daily activities like watching videos, playing games, shopping online, taking surveys, and referring to friends.

Signup here and join the tribe of 5 million satisfied users of Swagbucks. Earn a $5 signup bonus immediately after confirming your email.

For complete details, check out our Swagbucks Review here.



Ever thought of making $100 by taking a survey? Here you can do it. OpinionCity is a place where you can browse all the high-paying surveys from different survey platforms.

OpinionCity connects all the survey platforms to browse the best offers in one place. So there will be no time waste for users. Join OpinionCity now and maximize your earnings.

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Phone Jobs That Pay $16 an Hour or More

Today, we shall discuss a few sites which will let you earn using your mobiles or as well as your landlines. Don’t underestimate the returns, these jobs pay $16 – $20 per hour.

There are many customer service jobs and other related fields which you can carry out with just a phone.

BlueZebra Appointment

BlueZebra Appointment provides Customer service jobs with experience, high skills, and commitment.

Pocket around $16 per hour – $20 per hour (depending upon the task you opt).


Brighten Communications

Independent contractors are required at Brighten Communications to take up telemarketing services.

You can bag around $18 per hour by handling long-distance phone calls and business calls.


American Express

This company needs customer service agents who can dedicate 40 hours per week without fail.

$16-$28 can be earned depending upon your relationship and experience with the organization.

For complete details, check out our American Express Review here.



NexRep hires people with good skills for Sales representatives and Customer Care jobs.

You can pocket around $25 per hour depending upon the work you handle(commission-based income).

For complete details, check out our NexRep Review here.



This company is a home-based customer service job that will let you earn $11 -$16 per hour with ease.

Nonetheless, the organization is planning to expand into other cities and countries. Hopefully, more people will get benefitted from it.



This organization hires people to remind patients about their health conditions and to take medications on time.

You need to undergo a screening test, taking a test, and doing a mock call to get associated with Pleio and earn around $15-$20 per hour.


ACD Direct

ACD Direct is a work-from-home call center company that involves answering calls of Non-profit organizations.

As a call center representative, you need to connect organizations to direct clients for funds.

The pay rate ranges from $0.25-0.30 per minute, which turns to approximately $18 per hour.


Contract World

This company deals with many famous restaurants and handles works like customer care services.

You need to have a good internet connection and a computer with a WebCam.

You can pocket around $11-$16 per hour with organizations like KFC, PizzaHut, L’Oreal, and many more.



Working Solution provides different services like telemarketing, CRM solutions, and remote agents.

Once associated, you will receive be able to work from any location with good training.

You can earn $30 depending upon the project.

For complete details, check out our Working Solutions Review here.


Payscale at Arise depends upon the contract you opt for and the client you choose.

It ranges from $10-$20 per hour depending upon the task.

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Transcription Jobs that Pay $16 an Hour or More

Basically, Transcription means converting an audio file into a written document. That could be of any stream and department.

Whether it be medical, general, legal, or any, you will be sent an audio file to which you have to hear the file and transcribe it into written files.


You need to get through a written test to get associated with the company. Earn through PayPal around $20 per hour.

For complete details, check out our Rev Transcription Review here.



Pass the test to start earning at Quicktate. They usually have small tasks to complete. Open for beginners too.

Pocket around $10-$18 per hour and cash out at PayPal.

For complete details, check out our Quicktate Review here.



Pass a test to get associated with the firm and pocket around $10-$20 per hour and cash out at PayPal.

For complete details, check out our TranscribeMe Review here.



This is a medical transcription company that provides both part-time or full-time job options.

I need a professional and experienced person for the job. The pay rate is much more than $16 per hour.



A foot pedal and transcription software are mandatory with the regular test to get associated with the company.

Earn around $25 per hour and can cash out at PayPal weekly.


Time Etc

You can handle different clients at similar times virtually at this firm. I need to dedicate 5 to 6 hours per week. Pocket around $16 per hour easily.

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Virtual Assistant Jobs That Pay $16 an Hour or More

These people usually lend you great help virtually. With this sort of opportunity, we can provide assistance in various fields without personally meeting the client.

There are many opportunities to earn income as a Virtual Assistant. These people believe in supporting entrepreneurs to meet individual life with a professional.

You need to have very good communication skills and a very good grip over the English language.

Uassist. ME

Need super talents to get associated with the organization and also experience.

You can earn up to $25 per hour.



For good stability at a job, you can opt for the organization. Pocket around $25 per hour with good track records.

You are bound to be talented enough before setting your career at Worldwide101 as they promise the clients of giving the best.



This organization keeps on improvising its standards period by period. You can pocket around $16-$20 on an hourly basis.



You need to be accurate with data entry jobs and submit it online with perfection when you work with the company.

Pocketing around $16 to a minimum is the task.



You need to provide high-quality service with immediate support to solve problems.

1.5 years of minimum experience in the related field is important to get associated with the firm.

Earn up to $ 20 per hour and can cash out at PayPal.


Specialty Answering Service

You need to satisfy all the requirements during your interview at the company. The pay rate will vary from $10 to $25 per hour.


Virtual Office Temps

VOT welcomes all virtual assistants categories.

It offers services such as management and sales support, clerical support, administration, and many more.

Depending upon the project, your pay rate may vary from $10 to $35 per hour.



This company deals with connecting the real estate business with solutions to managers and homeowners.

The organization is currently hiring people for particular work-from-home jobs.

You can make around $20 per hour for positions such as sales manager, call center manager, and automation expert.

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Translation Jobs That Pay $16 an Hour or More

If you are bilingual, then this could help you to earn a healthy income. All you need is a computer with a strong internet connection.

Not only basic translation but also you can get associated with many options like interpreting, bilingual phone calls, or teaching online.

You need to get through a basic test before getting associated with a firm for this job.


Try to fix a task for yourself as they are given on a first come first basis and work from any part of the world.

You can choose to translate in various options like social media posts, blogs,  and others at Translate.com.

Payscale ranges from $15 to $20 per hour (also depends upon the project you choose)


Language Service Associates

This organization hires both interpreters and translators. This company makes it easy to communicate with one another.

Independent contractors make around $20 per hour by dedicating quality time for the job.



Have a degree in the English language and have valid experience is required at RosettaStone.

Having knowledge of various languages is considered an asset to earn around $17 per hour.



This is one platform where you can bid and grab opportunities.

Earning depends on various stages and makes it easy to earn the above-discussed amount.



Acclaro helps you to choose your portion of the earning as this has a scope of over 60 different languages.

There are both part-time and full-time options available and the company is looking to hire freelance contractors.

Earn around $19 per hour and pocket some healthy income.


Word Express

This company has a scope of over 100 languages, so if you are multilingual, try Word Express.

Email your resume and if selected you will start earning around $10-$17  per hour by just translating and interpreting.

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Proofreading and Editing Jobs That Pay $16 an Hour or More

Proofreading and editing jobs both look similar and easy but involves a lot of minute works.

Basically, if you have a sharp eye for detailing, you can choose to proofread. If you are sure enough of what has to be included in the article or what has to be removed, you can opt for editor jobs.

This is nothing buts checking or reviewing a text or a file thoroughly. You need to check for punctuation, errors, and any other grammatical mistakes in the articles or documents.


Positions at WordVice are open for both proofreading and editing jobs. A degree with a minimum of 2 years of experience is needed. Earn around $10-$18 per hour.



A degree with experience is needed. The work at EditFast depends on the flow of work.

Pocket around $10 -$15 per hour depending upon the project you take.



If you have a Ph.D. it will act as a benefit to get associated with the firm. Occasional openings for both sections of the jobs. Earn approximately $20 per hour.



A degree and basic 5 years of degree is mandatory at this organization.

Pocket around $10 to $40 per hour depending upon your capability and project.


Book In A Box

You need to keep checking the website regularly to grab the correct deal.

Pocket around $20 on an hourly basis as a proofreader or editor.

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Online Tutor Jobs That Pay $16 an Hour and More

Online tutoring is again one of the best ways to earn sitting at home and on your own terms and conditions.

If you are an expert in any of the subjects, you can consult any of the below organizations to get directed to good clients.

Basically, you need to have a degree certificate to get started as a tutor.

Also, if you are still pursuing your bachelor’s degree, you can try a few organizations.


Chegg lets you pocket around $20 per hour. This depends on the clientele you have.



This company is ready to pay $20 to much more than expected per hour if you can register yourself for individual posts.

You should have a minimum of a Master’s degree and guaranteed experience with good knowledge of the subject.

You should be able to handle classes for GMAT, LSAT, GRE, and similar categories.



This organization runs similar to ManhattanPrep, you should be sure of handling individual courses like GMAT, LSAT, and others.

Pocket around $20 to more depending upon your schedule on weekdays and weekends.



If you are good at English, you can pocket the income of $20- $25 per hour at Verdant.

It is all about teaching the English language to Chinese students.



The mode of teaching is through video chat at InstaEdu. It’s better you have a specific workplace with a good internet connection.

You can charge from $20 per student per hour easily. If you are associated with a client who has 2 or more kids you can easily earn around $60 to more per hour.



Do you have a degree in a specific subject? Try to take classes for a specific line only at this company and earn accordingly.

Earn around $10 per half an hour of subject coaching.

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Web Designing Jobs That Pay $16 an Hour or More

There are many web beginning companies looking to hire people with basic qualifications and other requirements.

If you are looking to work online or offline, you are always welcomed by the companies. All you have to be is a talented techie.

Web designing needs special requirements of various computer languages. Javascript, Adobe Illustrator, CSS code,  HTML, SEO, and many more have to be learned before opting for this mode of earning.


This company regularly hires people as it has many fields to work on. A basic techie will pocket around $16 per hour.



Web designers, Engineers, and Developers are always on-demand at this web developing company.

The associates or employees at 10UP approximately pocket around $20 per hour easily.



This is again an online option to enjoy your work from home.

If you are good at Java and other software you can apply at this company as it is hiring people for related fields.

Again, you can pocket around $20 on an hourly basis.



If you have the talent for coding and wish to work from home, then this could be the right button to switch it on.

ArtLogic usually hires people and starts a basic pay of $12 to $20 per hour.



Good designing skills and certification in the related field are required to get associated with Fiverr.

You can earn around $20 per hour depending on the project.

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Writing Jobs That Pay $16 an Hour or More

If you are good at one or more languages and also good at writing, choose this career to earn income accordingly.

This job requires a dedication of particular hours to the job, but you are totally flexible in selecting one.

Writing will help you to discover yourself in a better way. It helps you to think differently and positively.

You will improvise yourself in a more sophisticated personality. Trust me, this is my personal experience.

Through writing as your hobby or a career, you will surely end up finding yourself at a different and upgraded platform of life.

CyberEdit, Inc.

This firm is based on essay writing and offers services in text editing, resume writing, technical writing, and others.

It hires talented freelance writers and offers a pay scale of around $15-30 per hour.



You will have a vast scope at Upwork in finding your point of interest in writing.

This is systemized in earning in the form of bidding which will usually turn up to pocketing $20 per hour.



As the name FlexJobs suggests, you will have flexibility in searching for your job on the list of 55 categories.

Become an active member and earn around $12- $25 on an hourly basis.



Need to create an account and send a resume to their website and can subscribe to different categories.

Vast scope in selecting your interest. Can pocket around $10 – $20 per hour.



With a basic search of keywords and location, you will find plenty of options where you can pick your choice.

You will get job alerts if you subscribe to the company, else you can view them regularly to find one.

Earning is clearly not mentioned, but you can easily make up to $12 to $18 per hour.



Submit your writing with the resume and if selected can continue to work with the company.

Either you choose your task or let the client reach you with his requirements, you will easily make around $16 per hour to a minimum.

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Various Random Jobs That Pay $16 an Hour or More

There are many other options you can even try to earn income. There are plentiful options like the below to let you earn based on your urge.

1. crowdsource – One of the best work from home point. This option requires you to take random jobs, anything from basic to technical.

2. Buffer.com – You will be joining as an engineer or web designer where you can work from home easily.

3. User Testing – To earn a good income, you need to finish tasks in a suggested period of time.

4. Stitch Fix – If you have tailoring skills, you can easily become a designer at least to a local level.

5. Snuggle Buddies – Love Snuggling, then go for it. Earn happily by snuggling.

6. ETS – This company connects you to various educational institutions. Earn around $20 per hour and can cash out at PayPal twice a month.

7. Testing Time – This is opened to the worldwide people who are looking to earn $50 per task. You will work on Skype for about 1:30 minutes. You can cash out once a week.

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Work from home is such a great opportunity to earn your income in your way. It totally helps you to fix your working hours with your own terms and conditions.

Side gigs are really a boon and helping you to with the list gives me a feeling of satisfaction. Try them and start earning a healthy income conveniently.

As long as you stay connected with a field or a company, the chances of our growth are high. And also these type of home-based jobs gives you an opportunity to get connected with more than one or two companies in a similar time.


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