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34 Worst Jobs For Introverts Ever! (Best For Extroverts)

Do you know that introverts fail to reach their actual potential if they don’t have the proper working condition? Yes, there are several worst jobs for introverts where they tend to have anxiety issues for various reasons.

While almost all jobs have work pressure, some positions tend to have more pressure than others, which is not well-suited for introverts.

Besides, many jobs also need human interaction, even with unknown people, that are not an excellent choice for introverts.

So, our editorial team has filtered through hundreds of options to finally fetch out the worst jobs for introverts.

But before that, let’s clear some doubts first!


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How To Know If You Are An Introvert Or Not?

Before you even indulge in finding the best and worst jobs for introverts, you need to be sure about your personality traits to know if you are an introvert or not.

And if you can correctly identify it, there are several high-paying online jobs for introverts available these days that can fetch you some serious money.

The “introvert” word was first coined by a famous psychologist called Carl Jung in the 1920s.

And since then, there has been a huge debate about the identification of introverts. But according to Carl himself, you can identify introverts while understanding how they get and spend energy.

But in simple words, an introvert is someone who is not highly sociable and can have anxiety issues while communicating or in a loud or crowded atmosphere.


What Are The 4 Types Of Introverts?

Yes, all introverts are not similar, and they also don’t have the same personality traits. And you can broadly divide introverts into four main types.

  • Social Introverts: People who don’t like or feel anxiety in a loud and crowded atmosphere, especially with unknown people.
  • Thinking Introverts: They are the people who remain silent and often lost in their thoughts. They prefer to spend time alone in a quiet place.
  • Anxious Introverts: These people have a severe anxiety disorder that can even lead to panic attacks in a heavily-crowded atmosphere.
  • Restrained Introverts: They are the people who think a lot about the action before even taking it. And often, they fail to take the right step due to overthinking.

So, these are the primary categories, although you can witness several other personality traits in introverts.


What Are The Types Of Jobs Introverts Hate The Most?

Although introverts can really shine in any profession if they want, certain jobs are not well-suited for them.

And we have filtered out the top five job sectors that introverts hate the most.

  • Sales: An introvert never likes to talk to many people every day, especially to unknown ones. Besides, they also don’t prefer to push any product or service to anyone.
  • Network: To become a true socialite, you need to have excellent networking skills that any introvert lacks. Introverts also fail to interact with people to make a bigger circle.
  • Public Relations: PR and even public speaking need direct communication with a lot of people that introverts hate the most.
  • Teamwork: While many people are really great team players, introverts are not! Most introverts prefer to work alone and in a comfortable setup.
  • Attending Calls: Not just introverts but many people also don’t prefer to attend phone calls, especially unknown ones. Besides, many people also feel confident while talking over the phone.

So, it is better to stay away from these bad jobs for introverts. However, there are several high-income skills that you can learn to make money without leaving the comfort of your home.


Worst Jobs For Introverts (Don’t Try At All)

Not every job is suitable for everyone as you need to find comfort in your career to really shine in that sector.

And there are several worst jobs for introverts that can provoke some severe anxiety issues. So, we have filtered out those professions to stay out of those this year.


1. Sales Representatives

If anything is beyond introvert careers, it is undoubtedly working as a sales representative.

This role requires excellent communication skills and sufficient bargaining prowess to manage the end clients and retailers.

This profession also demands maintaining a robust relationship with retailers and customers to ensure seamless B2C or B2B communication.

Besides, it also needs in-person meetings and frequent sales visits.

As a sales professional, you also need to make sure that you and your team are constantly achieving the target on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Besides, you need to have an outgoing personality to stand out as well.


2. Marketing Executives

In marketing, you mainly need to work as a bridge between a brand and its consumer base.

And for that, you need to make frequent communication with both consumers and stakeholders alike. Besides, you may also need to lead a team.

Marketing often comes with a lot of meetings and outdoor activities. So, you also need to be highly comfortable with outdoor work.

Many marketing jobs require you to make new contacts as well.

Although it can be creatively fulfilling, this job does demand some severe in-person involvement to build trust among the consumers, which can trigger anxiety in introverts.


3. Receptionist / Front-Desk Assistant

Honestly saying, it is truly among the worst jobs for introverts with anxiety.

As a front-desk executive, your primary role will be to communicate with the consumers and also to help or guide them in any matter.

One of the worst parts of this job is that you may get interrupted in between your work, especially if you work in a hotel setup.

You also need to face and give briefs to the customers, which can be lengthy at times.

A receptionist should also be comfortable multitasking and handling multiple clients at once. It also demands you to act fast as you’ll work in a fast-paced environment.


4. Customer Care Agent

If you talk about the worst jobs for introverts, customer care and support should come within the top five.

Although there are several high-paying online chat support jobs available nowadays, all these jobs need you to have direct communication.

As a customer care agent, your primary responsibility will be to communicate with customers one-on-one via phone or chat.

So, you need to be in constant touch with other people, which can provoke anxiety.

You need exceptional communication and interpretation skills to stand out in this profession. Besides, this job also requires you to handle multiple clients simultaneously.


5. Insurance Agent

Needless to say, being an insurance agent is undoubtedly among the worst career options for introverts.

You should only take up this profession if you have unmatched selling skills. Besides, you need to have excellent communication skills as well.

You mainly need to contact potential clients and brief them about the benefits of insurance.

Besides, you also need to guide them throughout the entire procedure, which does involve a lot of one-on-one communication.

Even after you sell insurance, you also need to stay in touch with the buyer throughout the policy term. You also need to keep a proper record of your customers and their insurance.


6. Public Speaker

Public speaking is not a cup of tea for everyone, as talking in front of a packed house audience needs some serious confidence.

Anyone can feel anxiety and starts to feel nervous while appearing on stage in front of a crowd.

You should have remarkable communication skills to involve all your audiences during your talk to make it engaging.

Besides, you also need to have sufficient orating prowess to attract the attention of your listeners.

As a public speaker, you’ll mainly communicate with strangers with various behavioral traits. So, you also need to have an eccentric personality to manage that.


7. Singer / Dancer / Performer

Any stage performance, let it be singing or dancing, needs a lot of confidence.

And trust me, these are indeed the worst jobs for people with anxiety as you’ll be performing in front of a vast audience that will either cheer or boo you for the performance.

Many stage artists, like standup comedians or ventriloquists, also communicate one-on-one with the audience. And it also needs you to have excellent skills to connect with the audience.

You should also have the confidence to receive adverse feedback on a positive note and also to improve on that. As a performing artist, you may also get mobbed if you become famous.


8. Reporter / Journalist

Journalism is definitely among the most sort-after professions that fetch as much as $100k/year.

And there are several websites to get paid to write unique research pieces if you want to take it up as a part-time job.

But in any case, you need to create a lot of connections to become a successful journalist. These connections will help you to fetch inside news and breaking stories.

And trust me, constant human interaction can be draining at times. And as a senior journalist, you may also need to lead a team of young reporters.

In that case, you’ll work both as a teacher and a senior reporter simultaneously.


9. Social Media Influencer

Although it is one of the highest-paying sectors of this year, social media influencing is genuinely among the worst jobs for introverts.

As an influencer, you’ll mainly work with brands and consumer products.

After you collaborate with a company, you need to promote their product or service through your own social media channels.

And in return, you either get a per-post payment or a commission from the final sales volume generated through your channel.

However, you’ll be the center of attention in the social media influencing sector as your followers will directly interact with you. You may often get adverse comments that are demotivating as well.


10. Teacher

Although teaching is a novel profession, it is not suitable for everyone, especially for introverts.

Handling students is challenging, and if they are toddlers, managing them can be even more challenging. You also need to have enough patience to deal with students in the correct manner.

There are several high-paying online tutoring jobs that need you to have excellent communication skills.

Besides, you’ll also work in a crowded school or educational institute if you opt for traditional offline teaching.

At times, you may also need to communicate with the parents and guardians of the students, which can evoke your anxiety further!


11. Professor / Lecturer

The job of a professor or lecturer can be trickier than a high-school teacher at times.

Although they mainly teach adults or young adults, they have to face different challenges than teachers.

And it is surely among the worst jobs for introverts. In general duty, you need to communicate directly with a group of students.

And there are even many summer jobs for teachers available these days that need you to take classes for a large number of students at once.

As a college professor, your responsibility will also be to check and review journals by research scholars. And for that too, you may need to communicate with lots of other colleagues.


12. Babysitter

Babysitting is not just annoying at times but also a low-paying job for introverts.

Although you can get high-paying babysitting jobs in tier-1 countries like the USA and Canada, it is pretty tough to fetch good money in tier-2 or tier-3 countries.

As a babysitter, your primary responsibility will be to handle and take care of the babies and toddlers in the absence of their parents or guardians.

Besides, you may also need to stay in touch with the parents through phone or texts.

You need to constantly interact with the babies under your guidance to ensure they are absolutely all right. And this constant interaction can provoke anxiety in many people.


13. PR Executive

As an introvert, your biggest fear is interacting with a large group of unknown people, isn’t it?

And as a Public Relationship Executive, you mainly need to do just that. So, it will definitely create panic and anxiety in no time.

You need a lot of socialization and also to make a lot of new connections in this job.

Besides, you’ll work in a fast-paced environment with forward-looking responsibilities. You may need to reach out to complete strangers as well.

Besides confidence, you should have excellent communication skills to really shine in this profession. But it is almost impractical to demand such qualities from an introvert.


14. HR Manager

Human resource means that you need to keep in touch with manpower throughout your duty.

It already has “human” in its name to declare that it needs direct communication with strangers and clients alike.

HR managers have a lot of responsibilities as they are responsible for keeping the entire team happy and satisfied to increase overall productivity.

Besides, they are also accountable for settling any dispute within the company. As an HR manager, you’ll be the go-to person for the entire office.

So, you need to keep in touch with all the employees in the office each day.


15. Event Organizer

Although you can consider it among the jobs for introverts without a degree, event organizing is not something you should happily venture into with anxiety.

Not a single introvert loves parties and bigger events. And on the contrary, you need to do just that as an event planner.

From conventions to boot camps, from parties to trade exhibitions, you may need to organize many events during the course of your career.

And this responsibility also includes communicating with a lot of people.

Besides having excellent network and communication skills, you must have bargaining prowess. You also need to have the ability to multitask, especially during the event.


16. Tour Planner / Travel Agent

Travel planning is one of the fun things to do for yourself. But, if you need to do it for someone else, it can be pretty painstaking.

And it also involves a lot of direct communication with many people, especially your customers.

As a travel agent, your responsibility will not be limited to just planning and executing a tour.

But you also need to ensure a safe journey and proper accommodation of your customers during their trip.

Travel planning also demands serious networking efforts as you need to create a social circle of hotels, eateries, homestays, and even camping grounds to get those at a bargain price.


17. Guide

Becoming a tour guide can be the best job for extroverts as it needs a lot of communication. But for introverts, it can be a true nightmare.

Honestly saying; although there are many high-paying travel jobs that even an introvert can do. But becoming a guide is not on that list.

First, you need to have excellent communication skills to become a successful guide.

And secondly, you need to have expertise in at least two different languages as you’ll get primarily foreign travelers.

Being a tour guide can be equally exhausting as you need to cover long distances on a trip. Moreover, you may need to conduct city tours and guided walks as well.


18. Retail Agent

Yes, becoming a retail agent is among the worst jobs for introverts these days, although more than 6% population in the United States are now involved in retail jobs.

Besides, it also has a projection of appreciating job creation in the next five years. You can get rapid increment and promotion in retail agents.

Many people started as sales representatives and got their promotions to become store managers in less than two years.

But yes, you do need to have excellent communication and managerial skill to shine in this profession. Besides, you also need to work in a crowded atmosphere which can trigger anxiety.


19. Real Estate Agent

Do you know what ranks at the top place among the best physical assets to buy this year?

Yes, it is still real estate as it gives a much better and guaranteed profit than other traditional or non-traditional investment options.

However, becoming a real estate agent yourself is a whole different ball game. You will need to attend continuous meetings with clients and property owners each day as a real estate agent.

Besides, you also need to work as a mediator between the property buyer and the owners to settle their deals. You may often need to multitask during the property transfer process as well.


20. Flight Attendant

Being a flight attendant is not just glamorous, but it is equally well paid as well.

But it is definitely among the worst jobs for introverts as you need to communicate with the passengers throughout your duty.

From giving in-flight safety demonstrations to ensuring a safe evacuation in case of an emergency, your duty will cover many things as a flight attendant.

Besides, you may also need to provide first-aid to people in need.

Besides having excellent communication skills, you also need to have an extrovert personality with enough confidence to become a successful flight attendant. And in most cases, introverts lack those qualities.


21. Driver

Becoming a driver is lucrative in many ways as it is a well-paid job where you don’t need any specific qualification other than having a valid driving license.

And many companies provide high-paying food delivery jobs as well.

But yes, becoming a taxi driver is not a well-suited job for an introvert primarily due to its requirement to make small talk with the passengers.

Besides, you may also need to guide the passengers to reach the correct destination.

As a driver, you may also face a lot of hurdles. You may also need to bargain and settle payment from the passengers, which are not traits an introvert would prefer.


22. Ticket Collector

Yes, ticket collection is definitely one of the worst jobs for introverts. You need to be polite and show authority at the same time in this job.

Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to handle daily passengers, especially the rude ones.

As a ticket collector, you’ll be surrounded by thousands of people each day.

Besides, you also need to communicate and guide them to get the right ticket if they get the wrong one. So, you need to communicate with a lot of people each day.

Although you’ll sell anything or entertain a lot of people, the ticket collection job is also exhausting and will also require you to stand for a very long time each day.


23. Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare is an essential aspect of the overall well-being of a community.

But, becoming a healthcare expert is pretty challenging, although it is exceptionally well-paid in tier-1 countries like the USA, Canada, or Australia.

As a healthcare professional, you’ll witness people having life-threatening diseases. Trust me; it is not just painful to be with such patients but equally mentally draining. And you’ll feel exhausted at times.

You need to have extreme confidence in yourself to become a healthcare expert and work in a fast-paced environment.

Besides, you may also need to cater to multiple patients at once if you work as a doctor or a nurse.


24. Psychiatrist

Physical health is not the only thing we need to take care of, as mental health is equally important.

You may not believe it; almost 21% population of the USA alone suffers from mental illness to some degree, according to a recent report.

And physiatrists are the one that serves as the frontline worker in case of mental health issues.

But it is truly among the worst jobs for introverts, especially if you lack excellent communication skills.

A good psychiatrist also needs to have excellent orating prowess to communicate with patients. Besides, you need to ooze with confidence so that your patients can feel the same vibe.


25. Police Officer / Sheriff

Becoming a police officer is tough, and it also comes with great power. And as our friendly neighbor, Spidey, always said, great power also comes with great responsibilities.

Your primary duty will be to ensure law and safety as a police officer. You will also be responsible for enforcing the law and lawful acts.

Besides, you may also need to do many other things, from investigating a heinous crime to controlling an angry mob. So, you’ll meet and directly communicate with a lot of people each day.

You may also need to appear in court proceedings that require you to have lengthy verbal communication. And trust me, this concoction is pretty stressful for an introvert.


26. Bank Teller

Not a single banking job is well-suited for introverts. And if you talk about bank tellers’ duty, it is among the worst jobs for introverts.

As a bank teller, your primary duty will be to guide customers to convert checks to cash, open an account, or make any new deposit.

And to do that, you primarily need two things; communication skills and convincing prowess. You also need to multitask in this role as you’ll cater to multiple clients at the cue at once in the bank.

Bank telling jobs require a lot of communication with existing account holders and potential customers. Besides, you’ll also have colossal work pressure throughout the year.


27. Lawyer / Attorney

Lawyers are among the highest-paid independent professionals. And there are even several high-paying online juror jobs available nowadays that offer up to $100/hour.

But, being a lower or an attorney is not a well-suited job for an introvert for various reasons.

First, you need to communicate with your clients almost every day by phone or through one-on-one meetings.

And secondly, you’ll work in a crowded courtyard and among many other lawyers and law enforcement officers.

You’ll even face challenges studying in a law school if you are an introvert. You need to participate in mock trials, group debates, and various other team activities during your course.


28. Mediator

Court proceedings take a lot of time. And if it is a civil case or a low-intensity dispute, it can even take many months even to start the final proceedings.

In those cases, a mediator can resolve the matter while talking with both parties outside the court.

Needless to say, it is among the worst jobs for introverts, as your primary duty will be to talk to people to resolve their disputes.

And like lawyers, you’ll also work in a fast-paced environment.

As a mediator, you must have the ability to handle difficult social situations and can quickly resolve that.

Besides, You should also have excellent negotiation skills to make a name in this profession.


29. Politician / Statesman

Politicians and statesmen are among the most vital administrative roles in our society. However, these are the worst jobs for introverts.

A politician always makes direct communication with a large group of people which can evoke anxiety. It will also not be possible to become a good politician if you have stage fear.

You also need to have enough confidence to give a speech in front of a large gathering of people. Besides, you may need to appear in debates as well.

Besides all these, you should also have enough patience, and you also need to take criticism positively without running away from a situation.


30. Priests / Preachers

A successful priest or preacher is someone who has a multitude of followers to stand with his divine cause.

And to do that, they need several traits in their characteristics to attract and convince people to follow god’s path.

First, you need to be a great orator as you’ll need to give lectures during religious ceremonies.

Besides, you shouldn’t have any anxiety issues as you may need to address large gatherings from time to time.

Several priests also communicate with the devotees on a personal level whenever they are in guilt or in mental trouble to give them the confidence to have faith in the divinity.


31. Waiter / Waitress

Being a waiter or waitress is surely among the worst jobs for introverts for several reasons.

And you already know the primary reason to avoid this job is if you have visited any famous eateries on a Saturday evening; yes, places are too crowded.

As a waiter, you need to work in a fast-paced, crowded atmosphere that caters to thousands of people each day.

And you need to communicate with a lot of people each day to cater to their culinary needs.

Besides taking food and beverage orders, you also need to be cheery and should keep a smiling face to assure unmatched hospitality.


32. Bartender / Mixologist

Bartending is one of the coolest professions as it comes with a lot of nightlife activities and grooving parties.

From bottle juggling to making great cocktails, bartenders and mixologists put life into any party and increase its charm.

But it is definitely not for introverts! It’s a customer-centric role where you need to communicate with the guests every moment.

You also need to have good communication skills to interact with them. You also need to remember that bartending is mainly done in a loud atmosphere.

So, you shouldn’t have any anxiety disorder to take up this profession.


33. Casino Dealer

Working as a casino dealer is one of the highest-paying under-the-table jobs where you can even make more than $100k/year.

Besides, winning hands always reward dealers with generous tips that can even be thousands of dollars.

But it is truly among the worst jobs for introverts. You need to have an eccentric personality to deal with high-stake players.

Besides, you should have fantastic hospitality skills with communication prowess to make every player feel comfortable at the table.

Always remember that casino dealers work in a noisy environment, often while loud music is playing around. So, you need to be comfortable in those working setups as well.


34. Massage Therapist

A massage therapist offers complete relaxation to any tired and exhausted soul.

And besides a great massage to take care of the muscles and tissues, they also provide emotional support as they directly communicate with the clients during the massage session.

So, it is undoubtedly among the worst jobs for introverts as it can involve a lot of talking, even in a one-on-one setup.

Besides, you may also need to hear the stories of emotional turmoil that can evoke depression and anxiety.

Massage therapists or masseuses are also required to touch the customer physically, which can be equally uncomfortable for introverts.



What jobs do most introverts have?

Most introverts prefer the type of job where they don’t need to communicate with a lot of people.

According to the general stats, introverts really shine in educational and research fields where it requires minimum human interaction and maximum concentration.

Besides, introverts are also good at creative works like writing, painting, and making stunning art pieces.


What should introverts not do?

Introverts should not opt for any working atmosphere which is too loud and crowded.

Otherwise, it can create severe anxiety in them, which can even lead to panic attacks.

Besides, any introvert should stay out of any setup where they need to communicate with a lot of unknown people on a daily basis.


Are introverts less likely to get hired?

It’s a complete misconception that introverts are less likely to get hired, as most introverts are doing great in their professional lives.

However, companies don’t usually prefer having introverts in those roles that need frequent human interaction, like front desk executive or customer support agent.

Besides those few roles, introverts are perfectly well-suited to do any job.


What skills do introverts lack?

Introverts mainly lack social skills to communicate with people and to continue any conversation.

They also fail to create their own aura in any crowded atmosphere to catch the eyes.

Besides, most introverts also lack the skill to make new people as they feel comfortable only while talking to people that they have known for a very long time.



So, these are all the worst jobs for introverts, where it can be hard for them to prosper even after trying their best.

It is better to stay out of these works and choose the jobs where you can work alone.

But yes, it is definitely better to start developing some skills needed to work from home if you want to avoid any crowded atmosphere and want to make money without leaving the comfort of your own couch.

So, that’s all for today, folks! Feel free to drop your feedback and suggestion about this list in the comment box below!


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