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We have originated the word Dreamshala where the word “shala” means “School” Together, Dreamshala is a great place for those who are searching for own business ideas or remote freelance opportunities to work from home without losing their freedom.

Your work & financial freedom is our aim at Dreamshala. We are so passionate about research & deliver all the possible ways to help you in achieving your goal.

Here are the topics we cover on this blog…

  1. Own Business Ideas,
  2. Remote Career Opportunities,
  3. And other ways to earn money online.

Below there, you can browse some of our popular articles in each category. We hope you will enjoy reading.

Business Ideas:

Getting bored with doing a regular job? If yes, you are in the right place. There are many ideas and opportunities to start your own business online with low investment or without investment sometimes.

You are just one click away from becoming your own boss. Browse our articles on Business Ideas, and pick the one that you like to do.

  1. 13 Easy Ideas To Start A Business Without Investment In 2019.
  2. 10 Most-Profitable Blog Niche Ideas That Have Six-Figure Income Potential.
  3. 50+ Lucrative Small Business Ideas For Women & Housewives.
  4. 38 Creative Small Business Ideas for Creative Kids for 2019.


Work From Home Jobs:

Graduated but not employed? Well, that’s the old concern. You really need to worry, if you go to a job regularly and work for another person.

A regular job is not at all an issue nowadays because of the Internet. Yes, It is an ocean of opportunities to offer your skills & get paid.

There will be no third person to make a profit of your efforts. Isn’t it cool enough to make you start searching for your favorite job? Browse below articles.

  1. 20 Highly Paid Home-Based Freelance Jobs For Everyone.
  2. 21 Genuine Work At Home Jobs That Pay Weekly.
  3. 9 High-Paying Side Jobs That Pay $80 an Hour.
  4. 80+ Genuine Companies To Find Work At Home Jobs in 2019.


Other Ways To Make Money Online:

We also invest our time to share other legitimate ways to make money online.

We believe these opportunities are helpful to students, side hustlers, housewives, part-time employees and everyone who want to earn money by doing some particular tasks.

  1. 20 Legit Passive Income Ideas To Make Money While Sleeping.
  2. 17 Money Making Hobbies That Pays You Every Day.
  3. How To Make 500 Dollars Fast: 28 Smart And Proven Methods.
  4. 27 Highest Paying Apps to Earn Money From Your Smartphone.


At Dreamshala, we are decided & dedicated to serving profitable business or career opportunities to our readers. If you have any queries, or for more info, you can always contact us on this page or shoot us an email to siva@dreamshala.com

Thanks for your interest and support. Wishing you great success!

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