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Hello Dreamers,

Thanks for stopping here! we really appreciate and thankful to you for reading Dreamshala.

I appreciate your interest in knowing our story and how this website has created. And I would like to start by answering the most common question people have ever asked us, what is the meaning of your website name?

Yeah, we got tons of emails asking for the meaning of our website name and especially the meaning of the second word “Shala“. So, here I am starting with that one.


What Does Dreamshala Actually Mean?

School of Dreams, Ambitions, Aspirations, and Goals

We tried named our website as Dreamshala by combining 2 important words (Dream+ Shala) to fetch a genuine meaning. Where the word ‘Dream’, as we all know it is a series of thoughts as well as our aspirations and desires. Where “Shala” means “School”. Together, it forms the word Dreamshala.


How Dreamshala Has Started?

It’s all started way back in my schooling, where we used to trouble even to afford minimal deeds. All I could afford is Dreaming for what I need. And also there has been an age-old myth that ‘Dreamers never achieve’, at least many believe so.

Is this what all our childhood taught us? Is dreaming a crime?

I say definitely a big No! But dreaming can be a crime only when you are not working towards it. When you start believing that you can’t achieve your dream, your mind starts judging out of your own fear.

You will be thrown into a state of LIMBO where you’re not comfortable in your own being. So I suggest to Dream big and start working on it.

Any corner you choose in life you will need money, and only this has been the reason I left many chances back. This is not the case after I get started with Dreamshala (My empire of Dreams).


About Dreamshala

The website where you can experience and learn all the real aspects of ‘Finance’.

Dreamshala team will constantly thrive to share the important and legit content, in order to help its readers to achieve their financial goals. This content has the following sections:

  • Make Money
  • Business Ideas
  • Work At Home Jobs
  • Freelance Jobs
  • Investing


About Founder:

siva mahesh
Siva Mahesh (Founder of Dreamshala)

A self-made man who relishes taking challenging tasks towards the growth of the company. Expert Finance Adviser with years of experience who always driven by creative and optimal thinking. Prefers commitment and loyalty over anything.

His valuable advice and quotes on personal finance have been featured considerably in many esteemed online publications and still counting:

  • USNews & World Report,
  • Yahoo Finance,
  • CEO Blog Nation,
  • The Simple Dollar,
  • USA Today,
  • MyParkingSpace and more.

Once again, thanks for spending your valuable time on Dreamshala. Keep reading.

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