How To Live Frugally On One Income: 45+ Simple Tips That Work

Various techniques of earning money and saving it for future uses are plenty. Also, you need to make efforts on how to live frugally with all the money you have leftover.

I understand with the help of many techniques and plans we are still lagging at some points in our lives. Today we shall discuss all those tiny things which will help us in living our lives frugally even on one income.

Enjoying life without giving up anything and with a portion of savings is all the main idea of frugal living. Frugality is not about being cheap so let me clarify that this route will not make you cheap.

Below are various techniques that are quickly achievable and are easy to practice to help you live your frugal life on one income happily.

 I agree that it becomes tough to make the ends meet, yet a little bit of hard work and stress is required to achieve your goals.

The basic and utmost step to live a frugal life is to act smart and make smart financial decisions.

Before shifting yourself from various income options to only one source of income it is always recommendable to have clear communication with your financial budget sharers (Spouse or financial decision-maker).

You need to have mutual support and understanding with your partner. Also, a proper plan to get accustomed to your frugal way of living.

Before shifting to a single income I always recommend you to clear your debts before taking that wise decision.


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Tips On How To Live Frugally On One Income

Living on a single income is not that easy unless one of you has

Good background or massive paychecks every month.

It requires your super calculations and determination to work on things. Slowly, by the end of the list, you will surely try to manipulate yourself and try to live a frugal life easily. 

Learn to adjust and plan for regular savings and this will surely give you an idea of how well you can manage your life.


1. Correct Shopping

Learn to utilize the correct shopping techniques. Try to save from various shopping vouchers.

There are many offers and many coupons which will help you in finishing your shopping within the budget. Always use shopping apps that pay you cash backs on your purchases. Even some apps pay you back when you upload your bills.

Some recommended apps to save money on shopping.

  1. Shopkick (Earn free $25 Amazon gift card as a signup bonus. Limited offer).
  2. Rakuten (Shop at your local stores, up to 40% cash-back and $10 signup bonus).
  3. ReceiptPal (Get Amazon, Visa, Walmart gift cards just for submitting your daily receipts).

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2. Manage Budget

Try to manage your spending and try to put them on track. To manage a budget, you need to have a clear idea of all your spending.

Planning means having clarity of where your income is getting generated and where the fun is getting lost in.


3. Invest Your Spare Change

Wanna invest your spare change for big returns in the future? Here you have a great app to do that with a single click.

Acorns app is the one that helps you to invest your spare change. Along with investing, this app also pays you for shopping online, and referring friends.


4. Easy Lifestyle

Start to spend your life simply and easily.

Try to avoid all complicated tasks and life will introduce you to the betterment lifestyle.


5. Take Surveys in Your Free Time

Surveys are the best free time side hustles to make surprising bucks every day. You can make around $10 – $50 if you work on the right surveys from a legit platform.

Along with surveys, some platforms also pay you for referring friends, submitting bill receipts, reading emails, testing products, and more. Check these below legit platforms and signup for multiple programs if you want to make more of them.

  1. Survey Junkie (Rated 4.5/5 stars on Trustpilot. Earn up to $50 per each survey.)
  2. PineCone Research (up to $7 per product review & $5 per survey).
  3. MindsPay ($5 signup bonus. Upto $50 per survey & $0.50 per each email read).
  4. LifePoints (Earn up to $20 per survey.)

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6. Earn From Your Habits

If you have a habit of watching videos or playing games either on a PC or Smartphone, then you can earn some extra cash by doing these tasks through some apps.

You don’t need to allocate any special hours for doing these tasks. You can earn while enjoying your hobbies. That’s it.

Some recommended apps that pay you for daily activities:

  1. InboxDollars (Get paid to watch videos, play games, take surveys, and shop online. $5 signup bonus).
  2. InboxPounds (Similar to the above app. But only open for UK residents).
  3. DailyRewards (Similar to InboxDollars but only open for Canada residents).
  4. Vindale Research ( $1 signup bonus. Multiple earning options).
  5. Swagbucks ($5 signup bonus. Get paid for your daily activities).

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7. Funds For Emergency

Plan for your emergency funds. It is considered as one of the mandatory tasks to attain as early as possible in anybody’s life. 

Emergency funds help an individual or a family with unimaginable support.

Try to start one plan if you haven’t started any and feel the importance.


8. Compare

While shopping, try to compare prices and then do the purchasing.

You can spend your leisure time checking out the various options and prices available in the market.

Pick products at the right store when you find the best deal. Always use the Rakuten app even you shop at your local store to save money on your purchases.


9. Use Cash

For all your purchases, try to utilize the fixed amount of cash monthly. Plan your budget and take cash and make the month run on it.

Do not extend the required limit and also, try to save if anywhere required. This will let you stick to your planned budget.


10. Meal Plan

Plan before all your meals and try to manage your meal plan with limited grocery. Check if you are wasting on some food at the end of the meal.

Plan your food preparation in a manner that you are utilizing the basic portion of your pantry and not wasting any.

Do not try to overspend on the grocery list and try to have control over your urges in the store.


11. Shopping List

Please, prepare a shopping list before going to the grocery store. Also, try to fix the list and purchase only what is required and do not get carried away by the other products.

People are more tuned to purchase unnecessary products and fill there are cupboards and empty their pockets.


12. Food Coupons

Try to grab food coupons wherever you found which you can utilize for some gatherings or family out. This will help you out with the clear bonding of your family and also your pocket.

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13. Healthy Water

Try to consume as much as water you can as it is both cheap and healthy.

This will not only help you with giving you a secret glow on your face and skin, yet it also helps you to avoid unnecessary juices or sugars, or sodas.

Both your body and wallet will surely thank you for the support you have given them.


14. Learn Cooking

Try to join basic cooking classes for free at any simple store or maybe you can check out the online sessions.

You can cook them with the help of these are online recipe books and make a marvelous dish within your budget.

Always start with the basic ingredients of food and pick the simple dishes.


15. Eat At Home

Try to consume more at home because having a meal outside means a double expenditure.

Also, it is one of the best means of living your lifestyle and as well as for your family. Frankly speaking, eating at home will surely save you a bomb.


16. Apps

Try to take sessions on how to save money periodically for your unavoidable shopping. There is an Ibotta app that provides you a minimum of around $5 for your purchase.

You need to simply take a picture of your already paid receipt and upload it in the app and you can gain around $1 for every single update.

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17. Offers

Similarly, you will have cashback offers or gift card coupons which you can utilize for your future shopping.

Try to shop with good offers and start earning rewards in the form of points for cashback.

These applications also provide you with signing up benefits which will start from at least $1 to a maximum of $10.


18. Door Delivery Offers

Check with the applications that will help you in delivering the grocery at your doorstep a few or more offers or discount coupons.

Avail of all the services and shop for the unavoidable expense and you can understand the difference between an online store and an offline store.


19. Carry Own Water

Carry water wherever you go. Frankly speaking, bottled water costs around $100 per month and according to me, it is considered a crime towards humanity.

Try to carry on the water wherever you travel or get the help of public water booths or public water services which are also healthy as your water is.

To just get a boost up regarding the same try to purchase a fancy water bottle and you can usually use it.


20. Portion Cooking

Make efforts to cook in batches and save the portions for future use. This will help you with saving fuel, self-energy, timing, and efforts. 

Start bulk cooking to let you save with the ingredients as well.

You can use various portion utensils to help you with the process. There is a clear definition of batch-wise cooking. (If interested, please lemme know, drop your comment I’ll surely help you in detail).


21. Supplement Incomes

Living on one income is the scenario of many homes and also people increase more of 0.25 or 0.50 income sources levels gradually.

All I mean to explain is, try to pick supplement options if you can. You can start freelance jobs where you can take your tasks twice in a week or so.

You can give online classes or guest lectures or any craft sessions based on your time and schedule. This will help you earn some income which will help you manage your lifestyle.


22. Fun Piggy Bank

We all like to have fun and like to travel, isn’t it? At the time of calculating the expenses, we always end up using our portion of savings. 

For the same, try to deviate one portion of your earnings to separate piggy banks. If you have various savings piggy banks, you will have an idea of what your priorities are.

The savings become more segregated and organized and you will have an idea about your future decisions.

Planning will surely let you avail of services in a better way. Also remember, saving for the fun portion is just blowing off the money for valuable memories.


23. Adjustment

Living frugally on a single source of income surely requires a few adjustments and sacrifices.

Make your mindset in a way to adjust with any equivalent products rather than fixing to a particular ingredient or brand or model.

For sure, you will have to face many complications in your early stages, yet once you make yourself ready for the hardships, you will win the game.


24. Perfect Discussion

Before starting to shift your schedules to a single earning, it is always recommended to have a clear discussion with your family. Find out, if they are mentally prepared for it, or else prepare them for the same.

Also, check on the cost of living in your particular area. If no, then try to make the necessary arrangements to make the ends meet.


25. Trim Your Expenses

Try to figure out all the unwanted and unnecessary expenses that are squeezing your income. List them down and try to trim them off if you don’t need them.

Cut off the cable connection or maybe shift to a limited period. Check if you can utilize a single wi-fi connection with limited plans.

Also, make arrangements if you can use the local library and swimming pools or skate rings for your hobbies. 


26. Cost On House

Couples usually find it difficult to manage their homes with high costs of living. 

For many people, the main reason for getting trapped in expenses is the high costs of their housing plans.

Try to change your homes to a lower budgeted plan which will help you in saving a major portion of your expense.

Or if you own your own home try to downsize your living portion and start renting the extra space to people outside.

This will help you in having a supporting hand for your housing expenses.


27. Do Not Invest On Depreciate Assets

You would find many depreciate assets in and around your home. Based on an area of your living you can choose second-hand vehicles, as that could be one option to save on your expenses.

Rather than spending on the higher grated purchases, you can concentrate on deductible lower insurance tariffs.

All I meant to say is try to pick second-hand products rather than going for the new products to just avoid the expense rate and the interest rate.

For example, if you wish to purchase a car with a second-hand lender,  always make sure the seller agrees to your mechanic examination.

Make sure the seller deducts all the necessary costs for repairs or to purchase necessary products.


28. Say Yes To Sale

Frugal living is not about cutting shot all your expenses but rather it is about correctly purchasing products.

Try to purchase things that are on sale which will help you in saving plenty of money yearly.

Give thorough research before purchasing something and try to opt for places where there is a “Sale-On”.


29. Holiday At Home

Have you ever heard of a StayCation? StayCation is the time when you usually take off from your work or study periods and just prefer to stay at home.

This will help you in cutting short your expenses a bit. Also, will help you in organizing or concentrating on your hobbies which may help you in earning some money.

Relaxing at home is much cheaper than enjoy your vacation at some resort or hotel.


30. Want And Need

Differentiating between all your wants and needs is the biggest issue people usually face in taking their financial decisions.

It is important to have a perfect calculation in deciding between your wants or your needs.

This will surely help you in cutting the money of your avoidable expenses and will help you in saving money which will further proceed in the frugal way of living.


31. Never Compare With Neighbors

It is necessary to stop keeping up with neighbors just to avoid extra expenses. If looking for a frugal life, you should never try to replicate your neighbor’s lifestyle to yours.

If you try to match your lifestyle, you will surely fall into debt and that’s not what we are looking into.

Try to look at what you are up to rather than try to replicate your neighbors.


32. Try To Say No

There is an art of saying NO to anything you don’t like. When living frugally it is important to learn the word more often.

Whether it be invitations or any party gatherings or maybe any shopping, we usually fix-up by accepting all the things.

Yet, this is the reason for many expenses and you should make a habit of saying a NO you all unnecessary and avoidable situations.


33. Avoid Non-Essentials

In the process of learning to live frugally and on a single income, it is very essential to cut short all your non-essential expenses as far as possible.

Cutting things like the purchase of new clothing or eating out or investing in convenience foods will surely save you plenty of money around the year.

This will also help you in fixing your mind to avoid unnecessary expenditure.


34. Cold Water Wash

It is an intuition of many people that using hot water to wash clothes will make the clothes cleaner.

But let me tell you that even cold water gives you a similar wash. Also, it will save you plenty of money that you spend on the electricity bill.


35. Clothing Dryer

It is always better to use a drying rack than to rely on the dryers. This will help you in saving a huge amount of energy as well as the cut short a lot of money.

Believe me, drying your clothes on a machine or a dryer can save you a lot of electricity bills. 


36. Lending Clothes Or Products

This seems hard because it feels embarrassed to use lent clothes or products.

Yet thinking of frugal living, this is proved as one of the best options to cut short your unnecessary expenses.

Hand-me-downs are a procedure where you can take somebody else’s used clothes or products and make them useful for yourself.

This option will be a better deal when you have kids since they grow out easily and you be needing to purchase clothes very often.


37. Free Activities

Try to pick free activities within your local area or town. This will help you saving money to a major limit.

All that is important is to segregate some valued timing within your schedule.

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38. Avoid Subscriptions

I understand monthly subscriptions are not very costly, yet why are we paying the amount for useless things.

Subscriptions are great to avail of services but looking at the amount that gets deducted from your account is not minute.


39. No Plastic Bags

Try to switch to containers rather than bags. Containers are multi-use and also are Eco-friendly compared to plastic bags. 

Also, they are much cheaper than the containers as we are calculating for being frugal.


40. Encourage Baking

Bread, cake, pizza, cookies, and what not? We purchase everything from a bakery and no product comes in cheaper value. 

Try to bake yourself as it will help you in saving a hell of a lot of money. This will surely help you in living life frugally.

Many tutorials will help you to help you learn all the techniques.


41. Groom Yourself

One thing to learn in frugal living is to start grooming yourself. Whether it could be manicure or pedicure or facials, you can try it all at your home. 

This will help you in saving a lot of money trust me. Also, try trimming the hair yourself, or try to trim your partner’s hair. 

Take the help of Youtube tutorials to get a grip over the task if you are weak.


42. Public Transport

Avoid traffic, reduce pollution, and an ultimatum is to save money. Help pockets and help the environment by entertaining carpooling or bike pooling.

If you can walk to your destinations, even that will help you in saving money. 


43. Refurbished Products

Whether it could be electronics or furniture or any usable products, try to refurbish and use if the products are in condition.

Few re-touches can help you utilize the products for a longer run and will save you avoidable expenses.


44. No Bad Habits

Say no to bad habits if you have any. This will surely reduce a lot of useless expenditure and help you improvising your health. 

Cutting all bad habits(drinking, smoking, wrong attitude) will surely raise your financial status.


45. Capsule Wardrobe

A new trend has given rise to downsizing your wardrobes. It is known as a capsule wardrobe, which has a limited amount of dresses in your cupboard.

This has its benefits like saving money on cloth purchasing or saves your time in choosing your dress.


46. Try Trading

The barter system was a wonderful theme once in a while. This suits people who are looking to spend a frugal life.

Try to exchange goods for the products you want to buy, as people were doing in older days.

Also, you can check if you can exchange services in between. Like, find out if any one of your friends or relatives knows electrical works and needs pet walkers? This could be a great way to save money.


47. Bills Online

There are service centers that work for just paying bills to related fields. In turn, they charge some amount for each transaction.

Also, there are online paying portals that do the same job without charging anything extra. Yet, these portals also provide some offer coupons which will help us in a bit more extra saving.


48. Hotel Bills

Online hotel reservation portals have made it easy for people to travel worldwide with their wide range of hotels and their fees.

You can grab many wonderful deals at MMT, GOIBIBO, TRIVAGO, or any other.

Also, if you find out that checked in the hotel is not according to your expectations ( in terms of safety, service, neatness, etc) you can click a picture and upload it on the portal.

Tip: You can avail of all services at literally zero cost as compensation from the hoteliers.


Concluding Thoughts

Reached here!! Thank you for reading until the end. Also, hearty congratulations, on knowing plenty of tips and saving money to live a frugal life on a single income.

Learn for the betterment of the family and you will surely succeed in any stage of your life.

However, the above-mentioned are just easy tips that you can include in your lifestyle. As far as you are aware of the ways to spend your hard-earned money smartly, you can easily live your life frugally.

Also, please advise your feedbacks or comments or any other tips, which you think I have missed out. I’ll be glad to include them in my list.


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