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Are you a professional writer or you want to become? Then you are at right place. Freelance writing is the second best way to make money online with many opportunities after blogging. You don’t need any special skills to start blogging but you need some skills to be a professional writer. Let’s check these seven epic ways to become a successful freelance writer.

If you are a professional writer, then you can rock blogging and many other opportunities to earn a good amount of bucks.

Today we are going to discuss the best ways to become a successful freelance writer.

If you are a newbie writer, you need to know something about freelance writing before reading this post.

I recommend you to check Freelance Writing – A Complete Guide To Successful Journey.

This present post will help you to find the different ways to become a successful freelance writer.


Best ways to make money as a freelance writer:


1. Blogging:

Not interested in blogging? Even you are not interested in blogging, you must have a service based blog to start your career as a freelance writer.

Because it’s the only best way to publish your articles. Without showing your articles and previous works, no person will hire you as a freelance writer.

Your services blog should represent your skills, expertise, creativity, and passion for writing.

With your sample articles, testimonials, and portfolio pages on your blog, you can proceed to find clients.

Also, add “Hire Me” page on your blog because it helps your clients to know that you are a freelance writer and they contact you directly.

If you have a blog, you can make money not only as a writer, there are many several ways to make money.

Like placing ads, selling sponsored ads, affiliate marketing and many more.

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2. Writing Guest Posts:

Writing guest posts is a good idea to promote your brand and skills.

This also helps you to get valuable backlinks to your blog.

Almost every blogger accepts guest posts and many of them also pay you for your article.

Writing guest posts is a good strategy to make money and to build a strong portfolio.

These also help you to familiarize yourself with other bloggers.

3. Publish an eBook:

This is also a best and different way to make money using your writing skills.

The main reason why this idea is different is unlike getting paid for each article you write, you will earn money everytime someone purchases your book.

Here you only write once, but you earn based on a number of sales.

There are so many platforms on the Internet to sell your eBooks.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is the best place for eBooks on the Internet.

If you want to more sales, then you can publish on other platforms too.


4. Writing About Products:

Most of the people create digital products or online courses using their skills but they will struggle to create promotional content for their products.

Many of those people may not have writing skills and they can only tell straight points about their products.

It’s your job to gather words for their products in order to increase sales.

These offers are very rare but they are highly paid jobs. You can demand up to $500 to write a product page or a landing page.


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5. Write Product Reviews:

So many internet marketers approach freelance writers to use & rate their products.

They don’t charge anything for using their products.

It’s completely free. And If you find the product is useful, then you have to write a review of the product and share it on your blog.

They also add your name and your words on their product page as a testimonial.

You will get paid for submitting your reviews of other’s products. You will be paid up to $100 – $200 per a review based on your popularity.


6 Create or Write For Magazines:

People love to read magazines. Publishing a magazine is the best way to increase your exposure.

Also, find some famous or newly started magazines related to your topic and familiarize yourself with the topics related to those magazines.

They will hire writers for a long time and they will pay you everytime you write for them.

Creating an own magazine is also a good idea. There are so many ways to promote it after you are completed with creating a magazine.

Using social media, email list, and blogs, you can promote well.

7. More Offers:

Here I am listing a few blogs that pay writers for their articles and stories. If you have good skills in writing, you can directly contact them to submit your articles.

iWorkWell –   iWorkWell is a business related website that encourages writers by paying them up to $200 per each article.

TreeHouse –  TreeHouse is a web designing and development based company. This site offers from $100 – $200 per each article they receive from the writers.

IncomeDiary – This is a blog all about making money online. If you are a successful online marketer or blogger or entrepreneur, then you can send your story or articles to this blog.

They will pay around $200 per article. And there are other platforms also where you can signup for free as a freelance writer.

You can choose your clients related to your topic and based on payments. The list of below platforms also helps you to get deals for your business.

So, we are at the end of the article. Hope you have seen all these best ways to make money as a freelance writer.

All these are free to start, you don’t need to spend a single dollar if you have writing skills with you.


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