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Get Paid To Workout in 2023 [27 Apps + 11 Hot Ways]

Keeping aside other topics, why this special article on the ways how we can get paid to workout? The answer is simple!

We become so busy in life that we couldn’t be able to focus on our prime health too, which in due course can affect us in hard terms. So we would like to take this moment and let you know how we can stay healthy and fit by not affecting our daily routine.

Physical fitness is not on the sole basis of being healthy, but this a matter of balancing somatic and cognitive quotient. We must and should incorporate a health-conscious lifestyle to be productive and to live a stress-free life.

In order to maintain this, you need to keep track of your daily habits and incorporate the needy measures. This can be simply done by recording your data through fitness apps.

What if you can get paid for doing this? Impressive right? So here is the list of the best apps we tried mentioning where you can get paid to workout in your free time.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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Best Apps to Get Paid to Workout

We always wanted to keep our readers at ease by simplifying the selective list. Readers who are here to know the list but don’t have the time for specific reading: Here are our best choices to get paid to workout.


Apps That Pay You to Workout

get paid to workout

Most of us directly intend to download fitness apps without understanding how they play an important role in our healthy lifestyle! By the end of this article, you will have a proper answer to this.

Any task we perform needs to have a fixed parameter, progress monitoring, constant guidance, and rewards. Every aspect mentioned here can be achieved through a genuine fitness app.

But as the market has an edge in creating fake apps, we took the initiative to list out the best and legit fitness apps where you can get paid to workout.


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1. HealthyWage

get paid to workout with healthywage


Earning Range: Chance to win a $10000 Reward and various Incentives.

HealthyWage was founded way back in 2009 and has grown as one of the best weight loss program providers. This is also listed to be one of the best fitness apps where you can signup for free to unlock new health challenges/bets.

You can mainly participate in various cash-based weight loss challenges as a team, individual, or corporate entity and earn incentives/rewards for losing and maintaining your healthy shape.

To keep you motivated, there are various success stories mentioned on their portal, by forming a team of 5 and competing with other users can let you a fair chance to win $10000, or you can also challenge your own bet to double it.

Next To Do: Join HealthyWage and also learn that you can earn online depending upon the variability of challenges on this platform.



2. Sweatcoin



Earning Range: Earn 1 Sweatcoin($0.05)/1000 Steps.

Sweatcoin is one of the finest fitness apps based on cryptocurrency. It rewards users with its own crypto named Sweatcoin. Users can utilize these earned Sweatcoins to purchase gift cards.

This platform has a genuine average rating of 4.3/5 stars on Trustpilot. You can encash coins using different merchandise they are partnered with. Amazon credits and PayPal payouts are the top alternatives to do so.

Sweatcoin is absolutely free to join, but they charge a 5 percent commission fee on what you earn through an outdoor activity using this platform.

Next To Do: Download the Sweatcoin app, available on both Android and iOS, which assures 100% data privacy. You can also donate your coins to charity if needed.


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3. DietBet



Earning Range: Earn accrodingly to the bets placed.

DietBet is considered to be a community-based weight loss program that usually lets people earn rewards by marking their healthy lifestyle goals.

There are 2 different zones where you can start participating:

1. Kickstarter: Here, you choose the games on the platform and challenge your friends. Before starting, you place a bet, and the one who loses 4% of body weight will encash the bet. 28 days is the stipulated time provided here.

2. Transformer: There are several games updated many times a month. You can pay your monthly bet at once. Here your ultimate goal is to lose 10% of weight in 6 months. Winner participants here will share the stake equally earned from the losers.

Next To Do: Apart from this, you can also join DietBet Monthly Sweepstakes to earn extra money by keeping yourself fit.


4. Evidation



Earning Range: Earn around $25-$30/ Year.

Evidation was formerly known as Achievement, and this is one of the most liked fitness apps. Considering various reviews and surveys, we state earning through this app is a bit on the harder side.

After quite decent walk tracking, you can hardly earn 7-10 points each day, and you can only encash after earning 1000 points($10 Cash).

So it would be best if you increased your activity status by adding agile acts like swimming, biking, running, and hiking in order to earn 60-80 reward points each day. This way, you can reach the target and health stats in less time.

Next To Do: As encashing has a higher limit, You can find other Ways To Get Paid To Walk detailed on our website.



5. DoorDash



Earning Range: You can earn around $30/Hour and Tips.

Cycling is one of the best and most active ways to stay fit. Using this cycling activity, you can deliver food orders via a popular DoorDash Delivery platform.

You can start your journey with DoorDash by simply signing up with all the rightful details, and you must be above 18 years. You can work part/full time depending on your time and patience.

This platform offers you a standard commission of $10-$12/delivery. On top of it, you can also earn tips. You can use peak hours to deliver items as added bonus.

Next To Do: Learn more tips on How To Earn $500-$700/Week With DoorDash which is clearly mentioned on our website.


6. Instacart



Earning Range: You can earn around $20-$40/Hour and Tips.

Instacart is another popular online grocery delivery service. This company is based in San Francisco and has partnered with more than 7000 locations in USA and Canada.

This platform provides opportunities for the delivery partners to work at their time compatibility. You can now use this opportunity to boost your physical activity with delivery services.

Add your walking activity by shopping groceries for your customers, which can eventually help you to parallelly maintain health and as well as to earn some side bucks.

Next To Do: Know How To Join Instacart through our website and get paid to workout in your free time quickly!

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7. CharityMiles



Earning Range: You can donate up to $0.25/mile walked.

CharityMiles is one of the easily available fitness apps on both iOS and android. Unlike other applications, this app only helps you to earn money to donate to charity.

You can use any type of physical activity, like running, cycling, dancing, walking, swimming, etc., to earn activity credits.

Their website mentions 4 sources of money you can earn for charity:

  • Donations from friends and family
  • Corporate sponsors
  • Companies supporting Employee Empowerment Program
  • Charity miles Corporate Sponsorship Fund.

Next To Do: Create your account on CharityMiles and start moving to track and earn money for charity.


8. EarthMiles

Earning Range: Earn many rewards in the form of Earth Rewards.

EarthMiles is the same as any other fitness app where you can get paid to workout like jogging, walking, swimming, or biking.

You can earn more money with increased physical activity. They award you using an in-app payment method calculated as Earth Miles.

Activity Related Earth Mile Point System:

  • Biking 1KM= 3 Earth Miles
  • Walking 1KM= 1Earth Mile
  • Running 5KM= 5 Earth Miles.

Next To Do: After earning points, you can redeem them as rewards, and most of them are added discounts to health products or supplements.


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9. Vitality



Earning Range: Earn amazing gift cards and Insurance benefits.

Vitality is basically a wellness program often offered by various entities for employee well-being.

Due to changes in working patterns, most people neglect their health. For this reason, a program started where you can earn points by engaging in healthy behaviors like working out, eating habits, weight management, and also periodic health checkups.

Along with points, you can also earn free goodies like Fitness tracking devices as well as Amazon Gift Cards.

Next To Do: If the company you are working with is not engaged with this program, you can request your HR department to join this. Highly beneficial and also boost overall productivity.

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10. LifeCoin



Earning Range: Earn rewards along with a $50 Gift Card.

Alike Sweatcoin, LifeCoin also offers you in-app currency for your fitness tracking. You can continue your physical activity and earn rewards where you need $50 LifeCoints to redeem your reward.

You can also use these coins to purchase goods that are partnered with this organization or can also use to redeem gift cards, sporting goods, cosmetics, etc.

Try their premium account, which costs around $4/month. This can fetch you added discounts as well as a signup bonus.

Next To Do: You can join the LifeCoin Ambassador program to earn more rewards and collections.



11. StepBet



Earning Range: Earn around $10-$100 through bets.

StepBet is one of the most popular apps used by over 1.2 million people to reach their fitness goals, along with financial incentives. For better efficiency of this app, you need to sync that with smartwatches.

There are weekly challenges you can take up without breaking your streak. Here you have the freedom to place your bet with your peers, and once you compete and win, you can claim all the stakes from the losers.

The best part here is that this app always tracks and reminds you to be active when needed.

Next To Do: Download StepBet, and play different physical games conducted by them to stay fit and win impressive bets.


12. FitPotato



Earning Range: Earn bets from peers on a weekly basis!

Are you looking for easy ways to get paid to workout? This app serves your purpose by offering at least 3 fitness challenges a week.

This app is only available on iOS, and they charge you an entry fee of $5 to participate. Challenges only last for a week, and the prize is to splitter among the winners on weekly basis.

Next To Do: Download FitPotato, and start challenging your friends to earn cash for steps using a dog walking, grocery shopping, brisk walking, etc.


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13. Virgin Pulse



Earning Range: Earn cash rewards and merchandise prizes!

Virgin Pulse is one of the leading well-being and digital health solution, which has been partnered with numerous corporate wellness programs in over 190 countries.

Being productive, Sleep tracking, staying active, health tracking, mental health, and social presence are a few aspects of analysis they work on.

You will participate in various challenges conducted by them as an individual or as a group to win various cash rewards.

Next To Do: Try joining Virgin Pulse. They offer a personalized experience in over 21 languages across the globe.


14. MapMyFitness



Earning Range: Effective prizes on completion of every challenge!

MapMyFitness is another alternative to finding ways to stay fit. This platform allows its users to earn prizes on a monthly basis and also allows grand prizes on an annual basis.

You can find various challenges posted on your in-app portal to take up, like calorie count, training plans, workout routines, diet sheets, etc. participate along with friends or the community to stay active.

Next To Do: You can train smarter using MapMyFitness app with your smartwatches and also get social to stay motivated using community forums.



15. Lympo



Earning Range: Earn rewards in the form of LYM Tokens.

Lympo is a unique ecosystem which is powered by user-friendly fitness and wellness data-collecting platform which allows users to exchange their physical worth with LYM utility tokens.

This is one of the top-rated platforms with a strong user base. They are mainly designed to reward their participants with tokens for boosting healthy lifestyles like exercising, hiking, swimming, and also stress management.

You can use these LYM utility tokes on various online retailers for your health as well as fitness.

Next To Do: Create your profile, fill in all your health data and sync it with your favorite physical activity as well as health tracking app.


16. Higi



Earning Range: Earn Higi points to encash as Giftcards!

Higi is one of the well-novated platforms where you can earn points for every health activity. You can reach any of the Higi stations to keep a check on your blood pressure, heart rate, and weight to earn rewards.

You can also upload your activity status on their app to participate in various challenges. Depending on the challenge, you can earn points. You can easily earn 100-150 points a day.

For every 5000 points, you can redeem a $5 gift card which you can use at Starbucks, Amazon, etc.

Next To Do: Signup and use a free Higi account to keep proper track of your health. Always save your results to gain rightful information about your healthier life!

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17. Runtopia



Earning Range: Earn points as well as PayPal Rewards!

Runtopia is another best available on the play store, where it tends to provide motivational incentives to convert your activity into Sports Coins.

This app allows users to set physical goals like running, jogging, walking, swimming, cycling, etc. Regardless of whichever activity you choose, Runtopia provides you with customizable plans.

The super coins earned here can be exchanged with awesome rewards such as PayPal payout, fitness gear, Gift cards, etc. They expire on a yearly basis and encash before the deadline.

Next To Do: Join Runtopia and try their membership which costs you around $3.99/month or $23.5/Year to unlock more features.


18. FitForBucks

fitforbucks - get paid to workout


Earning Range: Win gift cards and exciting rewards!

FitForBucks is an iOS-based fitness application, which was based in Santa Monica. This app’s major motto is to motivate people to perform physical activities like walking and exercising in their daily routines.

With this track of physical activity, you can earn lifestyle rewards. The process is very simple the more you move, the more rewards you gain.

There are a few best reward exchange chances like 60k steps-Free dessert, 30k Steps-Free Haircut, 75k steps- Wine bottle, etc.

Next To Do: Join FitForBucks, and exchange your steps for well-earned rewards. Also, read their testimonials for motivation.


19. Rover

rover - get paid to workout


Earning Range: You can earn around $500-$1000/Month from Rover Dog Walking Program!

Rover is one of the popular dog walking programs. Here, you can dog-walk for people who are in need, and in return, you can earn a decent chunk.

Walking dogs can not only let you stay physically active but can also make you stress-free. You can find the dog owners on the Rover platform and connect with them to make your deal.

This platform follows safe and secure in-app payments. After this, Rover charges a 40% commission on your earnings.

Next To Do: After joining Rover, you can perform active tasks like House sitting, Pet watching, Dog care, Dog training, and Drop-ins.

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20. WinWalk

winwalk - get paid to workout


Earning Range: Earn 1 coin for every 100 steps and also a few Giftcards.

WinWalk is one of the apps that must be listed as the priority where you can get paid to workout. This app uses a pedometer where it keeps tracking your movements.

Earning pattern here is so simple that it offers you coins for every 100 steps you walk. This app also provides you with other options like Earning from watching ads, downloading mobile apps, and answering surveys.

The best part of this app is that you can always track your calories, activity status, and also diet plans.

Next To Do: Download WinWalk and redeem your coins using platforms like Amazon, Domino’s, Target, Walmart, and also GooglePlay.


21. MyWalGreens

mywalgreens - get paid to workout


Earning Range: Here, earnings are in the form of Walgreens cash rewards!

MyWalGreens is one of the popular programs where you can earn points for staying active and keeping proper track of your health.

They pay you Walgreen cash rewards which are units of currency(which have no fixed value) to redeem by being a myWalgreens member. They expire every 12 months or have no usage for six consecutive months.

You can perform challenges like Health or lifestyle goals to earn decent perks like:

  • Earning 1% cash back on Walgreens Purchases.
  • Free curbside and in-store pickups on all selected stores
  • Earning 5% cashback on listed Walgreen products.

You can also use fitness watches for better tracking from this app and earn $0.25-$0.4 for every success of the challenge.

Next To Do: Signup for Walgreens and participate in 4-week health and lifestyle challenge to earn extra Walgreens cash.


22. Paid Workout

paidworkout - get paid to workout


Earning Range: Earn active points and rewards respective to the challenges completed.

This app is one of those fitness apps that you ever use, considered to be one of the most user-friendly interfaces.

Alike other apps, Paid Workout also pays you to stay active, like bike riding, running, jogging, lifting weights, walking, swimming, hiking, etc.

This app is available on both Android and iOS, you can participate in daily, weekly, or custom challenges to earn active points.

Next To Do: Join now at Paid Workout and participate in their quiz to get your personalized plan and exciting offers.


23. PK Rewards

pkrewards - get paid to workout


Earning Range: Earn points, Amazon gift cards, apparel, and also varied prizes.

PK Rewards is the best place where you get rewarded for working out. They use unique features in their app where they leave no effort of your workout to be not measured.

All you have to do here is to join PK rewards and convert your effort into coins. Here you get a personalized effort score on the completion of every task, and coins are rewarded.

This application is available on both Android and iOS for free of cost! You can earn a prize from the first week of joining itself.

Next To Do: Based on your scorecard, you can encash your cash on platforms like Amazon, Lululemon, Nike, and more!


24. StepYounger

stepyounger - get paid to workout


Earning Range: Earn rewards like Amazon gift cards and various coupons.

Who doesn’t want to stay younger and healthier? If you are one who thinks the same, this app is for you.

StepYounger usually provides you with a wealth of habit-formation strategies. It also aids with customized health and lifestyle plans to improve yourself by completing the provided tasks.

The best part here is that you can change the plans any time you need. This is available in Android and iOS, with a decent user rating.

With every task you complete, you will be credited with coins, and on reaching milestones, you can win Badges which could be quite motivating.

Next To Do: Join StepYounger and make your every step payoff! Try exchanging your prizes and also collect puzzles or energy or spinning the lucky wheel for additional rewards.


25. Yodo

yodo - get paid to workout


Earning Range: You can earn cash rewards and coupons as well.

Yodo is one of the free sports and health management apps that records your regular activities like running, walking, hiking, jogging, etc.

This application uses gamification and awards you lots of cash rewards to make you stay motivated in a healthier life. These cash rewards are offered every day on completion of the goals assigned.

And the best part here is that there is no limit to the days to receive rewards. you can also earn a referral bonus for inviting your friends.

Next To Do: Join Yodo, refer your peers, and share your workout plan to challenge each other for special rewards.


26. Gig Economy Apps

Earning Range: Earn $30-$45/Hour performing various tasks!

Gig economy earning ways are a growing trend to make some extra money. They are simple tasks fused together to pay for the completion of each task.

Most of the gig economy ideas are physical activities. You can now use this opportunity to stay physically active and earn from both the gig economy and reward-offering fitness apps too.

As previously mentioned, there are many gig economy apps like Rover, GrubHub, Instacart Shopper, etc.

If you want to work part-time, you can also join a PostMates Fleet to earn by delivering food items.

Next To Do: Always find ways for side income by joining gig economy apps. You can also refer to our website for the best side-income jobs you can do in your free time.


27. Mystery Shopping Apps

Earning Range: Earn $40-$55/Hour by shopping for others.

Shopping is what we all do in our routine, but this is a unique gig where you will earn money shopping for others. Sounds unlikely, right? But it works for sure.

Here all you need to do is find the Mystery shopping apps like Gigwalk, Field Agent, Swiggy Instamart, etc., and join them to find potential clients who need aid with their shopping needs.

Next To Do: Always be cautious and aware of the things you are shopping for to avoid penalties and bad ratings. Apart from this, you can also check the list of easy jobs to perform at your leisure on our website.

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Additional Ways To Get Paid To Workout

You cannot always rely on online app sources to get fit and earn money from them. The earnings here can vary and cannot sometimes compensate for your need.

For this reason, here is the section on some additional conventional ways where you can get paid to workout decent enough:


1. Become a Personal Trainer

Earning Range: You can earn $1500-$2000/Month with training sessions.

With the growing trends, most people are becoming too cautious about health and fitness. But in order to achieve this, they need a rightful personal trainer.

The scope for this field is always high, so if you are a fitness enthusiast and have certified skills, you can start your fitness center or can also join as a personal trainer for other centers.

Tasks Involved: Create workout plans and diet plans and also monitor clients on their performance levels.

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2. Start a Workout YouTube Channel

Earning Range: Earn around $1000-$4100/Month through videos.

Most people want to perform their workouts without leaving the comfort of their homes, you can make the edge of this opportunity and start recording videos on this niche.

You can earn from sponsorships and YouTube ads. And also, you can start your community forum to make people join your board to take personalized classes.

Tasks Involved: Start your own Youtube channel, and you need lots of patience and perseverance in your efforts to make videos reach a wide audience base.

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3. Start a Fitness Blog

Earning Range: $2000-$10000+/Month through different ways!

Blogging is an effective way to convey your knowledge to the readers. You can start your Fitness Blog and share all your ideas and knowledge as articles.

This has a high-income potential, where you can earn from affiliates, sponsor posts, product sales, display ads, etc.

Tasks Involved: Start your own Blog, Stay consistent in your efforts and content. You can reach our comment section to learn tips for Blogging.

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3. Teach Yoga Classes

Earning Range: Earn $100-$110 for each class.

Yoga is something that rejuvenates the body by keeping it fit and stress-free. There is a commendable following for this fitness activity.

If you are one who has certification knowledge on this, you can teach Yoga classes both online and offline and can earn decent enough.

Tasks Involved: Teaching Yoga to students of different requirements and also showing compassion towards the work by evenly managing safety.

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4. Lead A Fitness Bootcamp

Earning Range: Hands-on experience along with Bootcamp bonus.

Bootcamp workouts are for those people who want to engage in a full-body intense workout. They are mainly conducted in order to boost physical strength and aerobic endurance.

This is the need of the hour, as most people lack them. If you have an awareness of this activity, you can lead a Fitness Bootcamp and train the needy.

Tasks Involved: You must be well-versed in High-Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) and regular core training exercises.


5. Referee Athletic Events

Earning Range: You can earn $3000-$8000 Per Month.

If you have decent physical and mental knowledge coupled with practical field experience, you can try becoming a coach or a referee to the Athlete Events.

You can possibly pick any relevant sport or activity and can train the upcoming aspirants to stay mentally fit and physically competent.

Along with this, you can also ask your students to join fitness apps to keep track of their performance, and this can also help them to get paid to workout and also for you to mark their progress.

Tasks Involved: You must be well-versed in experience and rules. Train the aspirants for the events like Marathons, Sprintings, Throws, Games, etc.

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6. Host Tours

Earning Range: Earn from sponsorships along with satisfaction.

Hosting health awareness tours are one of the most satisfying jobs one needs to perform. Here you will host tours by coordinating with a team and reach different places to make people aware of the health importance.

If you are an active member with team skills, there are many governments and nongovernmental organizations that would like to sponsor commendable events like this. What you are waiting for?

Tasks Involved: Must be active in hosting fitness tours and must be able to visit multiple places and meet people to spread health awareness.

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7. Offer Skiing or Snowboarding Lessons

Earning Range: Earn relevant to each class!

Skiing and snowboarding are fun activities that require high body stability. This needs proper training and safety to perform so. If you have the skills to train the students regarding this, you can start your training sessions and can earn from it.

Tasks Involved: Must have a great edge over skiing activity and also be cautious of the safety of the learners.


8. Working at Summer Sports Camps

Earning Range: Earn around $12-$14/hour.

Apart from being a coach, you can also work and manage people who join the summer sports camps in different sports like Football, Tennis, Cricket, Baseball, Hockey, Archery, and more.

You can pick anyone relevant to your expertise and can also start your own summer camp.

Tasks Involved: You must lead and assist in an activity and also make sure not to destroy any of the company’s property.

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9. Leading Guided Hikes or Outdoor Adventure

Earning Range: Earn from the participants and also through sponsorers.

Most people often like to perform adventures by hiking hills and exploring forests. If you have knowledge of these things, you can handle a team of explorers and make their trip successful.

This can not only let you stay fit but can only help you to take a break from your daily crunch where you can simply get paid to workout by syncing with fitness apps.

Tasks Involved: Able to handle a team of explorers and must be able to manage and maintain safety and joy evenly.

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10. Landscaping

Earning Range: You can earn around $15-$20 Per hour.

Landscaping activity requires lots of physical activity, which helps you to stay fit. Here you perform activities like planting trees, turning areas, watering, and also taking out the scarp.

They are many people who offer you a decent amount to perform this activity. You can also train others to make them aware.

Tasks Involved: You must be able to work by cleaning surroundings, Gardening, and also Landscaping in your free time.


11. Work in Warehouses

Earning Range: You can earn around $30-$50 Per hour.

A Warehouse worker is a professional who is a prime part of any logistics business. There is high hope for this job in order to store and maintain the order of the products.

You can work as a warehouse manager in a company like Amazon, this job expects physical activity from you, and you can make utilize of this opportunity to get paid to workout using different fitness apps.


Apps That Pay You To Workout Your Mind

With the increase in stress and anxiety levels in our daily routine, we often neglect our brain health. Which can eventually affect our productivity and also make life less fun.

In order to overcome your need to workout your brain with nutrient food, and also download these games to make your mind more active:

  • AppStation: Choose and play your favorite games to earn real cash prizes. Get amazing rewards for every minute you spend on the app.
  • Mistplay: Get paid to play real cash games. This app pays you in units that you can redeem as real cash.
  • CoinPop: Different types of minds games under one roof. Start playing, collect coins and earn real money.
  • Lumosity: This app provides 5-minute brain challenges which can enhance your memory and thinking.
  • Elevate: Mind training exercises on this app can sharpen and build confidence along with productivity.

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Final Thoughts on Getting Paid to Workout

With the change in typical lifestyles, we can observe a significant surge in the variety of health complications. As an alternative to medication, being more cautious in our lifestyle is the only mantra we can follow to overcome this paradigm.

Lifestyle not only means having a good diet, but this is also about being physically fit in a rightful manner and keeping track of it.

We tried our best by mentioning the ways where you can get paid to workout out and utilize them wisely. Always remember –“Health Is The Real Wealth.”


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