52+ Ways To Make Money With Smartphone in 2021

There are many ways to earn money and one of the easiest ways and a handy method is to make money from smartphones. 

Smartphones have become the ultimate portion of our life. You may forget your bag or wallet but you will never forget to carry your phones along with you.

With the digitalized methods of payments now you don’t even need cash to carry on for shopping or for any of your uses.

All the work has been processed from your smartphone whether to make money or to purchase something.

In today’s life, there is a hundred percent chance that you will be spending a minimum of 6 to 7 hours a day with your phone.

Whether your working or a homemaker or a retired person or a student the chances of using the smartphone have crossed the limit.

Everybody in every phase of life is getting themselves engaged which smartphones and so the chances of making money from a smartphone have also increased.

Many people are ready to opt for ‘work from home’ options and so, the usage of the smartphone has increased more.

Today, we shall discuss such sectors where you can make some money using your smartphone at your fingertips.


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Ways To Make Money With Your Smartphone

Consider this as a side hustle that will let you earn some cash and slowly you would like it and you will continue to work with your smartphone.

But remember, all the money-making apps or earning cash through such techniques will require your total determination to complete your tasks as suggested.

It is hard to start because there are many ways from which you can earn money. So I have made some organized listings which will help you in an easy calculation and easy earning.


Make Money With Smartphone by Taking Surveys

One popular method and one of the easiest ways to make money is to participate in online surveys which will pay you real money.

There are many companies who organized the surveys based on their ongoing product or fore coming products are ready to pay for people who can participate and give valid answers or feedback.


1. Survey Junkie

If you are searching for the best-paying survey platform that worth your time and efforts, then Survey Junkie is the best solution for you. This website has more than 5 million active users worldwide and rated 4.5/5 stars on the Trustpilot website.

As per the previous users’ reports, you can make around $3 – $75 per survey you qualify. Also, this company well known for the high acceptance rate of surveys.

If you are looking for joining a great survey platform. I strongly recommend Survey Junkie for you and everyone to give a try.

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2. Swagbucks

This is one of the legit companies that pay you real money for taking surveys online. They are considered as one of the reliable and largest survey sites and have paid more than the unexpected amount to its users all around the world.

Swagbucks does not pay only for online questionnaires but also provides rewards for watching videos or playing games or searching the web or making online purchases and availing of offers and many more.

You will be earning in the form of vouchers or real cash. A minimum of 10 minutes is required to finish a survey and you can earn around $5 -$10 a survey, but remember to get qualified for those paid surveys.

Also, you can earn around $5 for an instant sign-up bonus for becoming a user of Swagbucks.

For Complete information, check out our Swagbucks Review here.


3. InboxDollars

This website is not only known for its paid surveys but also pays a good amount to play games online, watch videos, and search the web.

InboxDollars has a partnership with some of the reputed organizations which pay the users for doing the suggested tasks.

You can make money by taking surveys for reading emails or playing games or searching the web and in return payout through PayPal.

But before the payout, there is a minimum amount for which you will need a few weeks’ dedications to reach that goal. This website offers a $5 instant signup bonus for new users.

Signup now and claim your free $5 bonus if you are a new user. Follow the below links to signup & claim a free joining bonus.

  1. InboxDollars (US residents only),
  2. DailyRewards (only for Canada),
  3. InboxPounds (UK residents only).

For Complete information, check out our InboxDollars Review here.


4. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research offers both paid surveys are as well as product testing sections where you can use the product and keep it for yourself.

This is where I like the company which provides good products for testing without your penny being invested.

It will take around 10 minutes to finish a survey. For every valid entry, you will be earning around $3 per survey & $5 per product test with a free product that they send you for testing.

You will be earning in the form of points that you can redeem later for any personal use. Usually, the questions will be related to the future products that you will be using with today’s mindset.


5. LifePoints

LifePoints has become a vast organization after getting GlobalTestMarket and MySurvey merged with it.

The back-end team of LifePoints makes it clear that the questionnaires usually match your lifestyle and your personal interests. This will help you in answering the questions more reliably and with correct opinions.

Every survey of a 15 minutes length will let you earn 100 points and literally, you can earn around $5 – $8 per survey.


6. VindaleResearch

This is another reliable paid survey website that provides regular options for people who would like to earn through answering surveys. Including online paid surveys you can also earn money by watching videos for giving feedback.

Usually, the surveys take a minimum of 5 – 10 minutes to finish and you will be earning up to $5 – $50 for every valid survey.

Also, you can make $5 each time you refer a new friend, submit payment proofs, and more. The payment is usually made through PayPal or a direct check.

You need a minimum of $50 in your account before requesting the first payment at VindaleResearch.

For Complete information, check out our Vindale Research Review here.


7. OnePoll

OnePoll is another legit app that is known for its short and quick surveys about any topic around the world.

You will be earning in the form of cash and your cash will get remitted back through PayPal.

This website is considered the first survey website which provides short and quick and fun types of questionnaires to answer.

You will hardly need around 3 minutes to finish a valid survey and you can make around $40 for 10 valuable hours.

At OnePoll you need to regularly visit the website to check out the latest surveys and you can participate to earn income easily.

Also, there is a bonus of $5 at the time of sign up and for every valuable referral, you will be earning around $4 per person.


8. Toluna

This is one of the biggest survey panels which works on behalf of leading organizations.

The basic questions will be related to the products or services or maybe about any issues that you face with the related companies.

In return, you will be earning cash and the payment will be done through PayPal or Amazon or any other vouchers which you can redeem for your personal uses.

A minimum of 15 minutes is required to finish a valid survey and it will take around 4 valid hours to earn $15.

You can also earn by playing games at Toluna which is a new start on the website.

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Make Money Through Shopping Apps In Smartphones

This is considered one of the easiest ways in which you can make money through your smartphone.

As usual, you would go to a store and shop, yet go online to choose from the suggested websites and enjoy cash backs or discounts for your selected items.


10. Acorns

We will have some spare change every time we pay bills at any shop. Most of the time we don’t care about those small cents but if you care, you can make them grow. Yes, you can invest that spare change with an app called Acorns and make money from a smartphone.

Using Acorns is a really easy thing that you don’t need to waste minutes of your time every day, you can do it with a single click. Along with investing, this app also pays you for shopping online, and referring friends.


11. Rakuten

Rakuten is one of the best online shopping apps which will help you earn the maximum benefits. You can easily gain around 40% benefits on every purchase online.

Four times a year you can avail of the cheque and can proceed with the payouts.

Rakuten gives special coupons for app users but it is also accessible on tablets and PCs. This app offers you a $10 Rakuten cash or Walmart gift card as a signup bonus.


12. Shopkick

Instead of direct cashback, you will be earning in the form of points at ShopKick. Later, you can redeem it at your regular retailers.

You can also win Amazon gift cards which will help you to resolve many of your shopping issues. Also, you earn points while shopping with the partner stores and you can scan the items available for offers.


13. Ibotta

This website has a different procedure to earn cashback offers. You need to complete a few tasks, related to your products or brands before you shop at the store.

Later you can shop your favorite products or brands and upload the receipt to avail offers. 

You will be having your cash back based on the tasks you have completed earlier. The cashback will be in the form of gift cards or real cash. The payment will be made through PayPal at Ibotta also.


14. Jobs2Shop

This is one kind of survey panel that lets you earn for targeted restaurants or stores. You will earn through mystery shopping for leaving valuable feedback. 

Playing games, online surveys, online shopping, and digital coupons are a part of earning at Jobs2Shop.  Signing up bonuses can be earned at the website for around $5. 


15. Paribus

This application is available for both Android and IOS users and you will get paid every time you shop online. It usually monitors your shopping history and guides you to get directed with your regular shopping brands.

Later, it helps you with additional cashback or discounts you may get for that product. Basically, the app Paribus lets you earn money for already purchased products. 


16. Mystery Shoppers

All you need is to shop around as a regular customer and then give feedback on your shopping experience. Basically, you are the Mystery Shoppers in the disguise of a regular client. 

You will have to give feedback for details on how the client has interacted or how was it tough to find your products or maybe about the ambiance of the store whether it was clean or no.

This way of earning money is what I like about it. Being a woman and a mother of 3, I just love shopping and these deals are truly a boon sometimes.

Earning through these applications really gives me the benefits I usually look for.

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Make Money From Smartphone By Selling Things Online

We are all aware of what do online selling and buying are all about.

Look around the places for good products which you can sell and make it a quick income.

I know these tricks will not make you rich overnight. But for sure they will help you solve the sum of your bills.

These side gigs will surely help you in dealing with some of your free time that you put into action with a healthy income.

Selling products online will help you deal with many customers that keep similar interest. This will also help you in encouraging yourself to achieve goals.


17. SecondSpin

These are some of the largest vendors who are specialized in selling the used CDS or games.

SecondSpin usually collects movies, series, or DVDs, or games and provides you with good benefits.

They don’t have a specific phone application but you can use your phone to browse their website. You can easily make deals through the phone. 

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18. BookScouter

Being the mother of two students I understand how clumsy your house becomes with a hell of a lot of books.

What if there is an option to sell used books online and make money from it?

This website will surely let you earn the best prices for all the used textbooks.

All you need to do is scan the barcode behind the book. Later, update the prices and wait for the vendors to reach you.

You can pick your suitable vendor and ship the books to the address provided. Wait for your payment which you would receive through PayPal.

For complete information, check out our BookScouter Review here.


19. DealDash

This is considered the best auction site where bidding is a process to make money.

You can bid on everything that is in the store. Happily, you can enjoy a margin of a minimum of about 0.1 dollars per product at DealDash.

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20. Declutter

It is one of the best ways to make money from the smartphone by selling anything online.

Think of any product from a mobile phone or movies or series or books or jewelry. You can sell anything and you can earn money at Declutter.

There is an option for providing free shipping service to valued customers.

The payment will be processed the next day after a successful sale. Payment will be in the form of a cheque or direct deposit or any Charity donations.

For complete information, check out our Decluttr Review here.


21. Etsy

This is a place where every individual can take benefit. You can sell anything including your handmade crafts and make money by reaching your creativity to numerous people.

This is one of the best apps for online sales for basically all craft-related materials. So, if you are creative enough try to get registered with Etsy and sell your products and enjoy benefits.

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22. Shutterstock

This is a money-making application for photographers as the name suggests.

You will be benefited from your best photos and best creativity.

So,  if photography is your thing take total advantage of Shutterstock. Try to make money by selling your best-clicked pictures.


23. Poshmark

This is one of the leading websites which is associated with clothing resale.

You can either buy or sell products at Poshmark.

All you need to do is take a picture of the product and upload it to the application with pricing details. The website makes it easy to sell products online with all sections included. 

Also, the shipping label is provided during the product dispatching and when you update the shipping label, you will be receiving your check.

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Online Tutoring Apps To Make Money With Smartphone

There are many parents who are wishing that their kids will get a good teacher. Mostly, parents are unable to provide educational support to their kids and so are always in search of good tutors who can teach their kids. 

Online tutoring has gained value in today’s life. People are more convenient for online tutoring basing on their daily schedules.  

For such people, the below list will help you earn some healthy income accordingly.


23. Chegg Tutors

All you need is to get enrolled with the website Chegg and wait for your request to get submitted.

You will then get connected to the related students of your category.

You can get connected to the clients directly and fix your pay accordingly. The salary differs between different sessions. 


24. Skooli

One can always try Skooli if you have a graduate degree with teaching experience.

You will be paid for the session and this makes it easier to pay some of your bills on time.

One can earn a pretty well income if one has the experience and the qualification needed.

This is one of the good options for the home-based person because he can give classes from any part of his life.


25. TutorMe

This platform helps you with immediate assistance with good clients at any point in your schedule.

You can have clarity or mastery in any subject as TutorMe provides help with 300 different subjects.

Remember, you will be monitored with all your video and audio calls during your class sections. You will be paid based on the number of hours you have given assistance. 

A graduation certificate is sufficient to get a job at TutorMe.


26. Wyzant

At Wyzant you will not only make money through your smartphone but also you can get connected to the client personally.

This website lets you keep information with your tutors in an organized manner.

To get associated with the organization, you need to have a Bachelor’s Degree and experience.

The payroll is a bit low but you can always give it a try if you are a fresher.


27. VIPKid

This website hires people who are very good at English and can teach English to foreign kids or students.

You can pick your own timings schedule and fix your classes accordingly.

With very good experiences and qualifications, you can pocket around $22 per hour.

This is one of the best startups for a tutor you can try for.

For complete information, check out our VIPKid Review here.


28. TutorVista.com

You can always try with TutorVista if you are good at statistics, English, physics, math, biology, and chemistry.

You can try for a part-time job with all the flexible hours. Also, you can offer 4 to 6 hours a day or a minimum of 8 hours a week.

Usually, the session is a minimum of 45 minutes and so you need to set your schedule before giving the client the appointments.


29. Brainfuse

This website ensures that every learner gets associated with a live tutor related to their fields.

The students decide on what skill or concept they need to acquire and so select the related categories of tutors at Brainfuse.

You need to have a perfect qualification and suggested experience at the time of the interview.

The payroll will be around $5 – $15 per hour depending upon your caliber.

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Smartphone Apps That Pay To Exercise

There are many apps that actually pay you for maintaining your health.

Below is a small list of applications that actually pay you for any of your physical exercises like walking or running or losing weight or maybe gaining some.

These apps will keep live track of all the steps you take or the physical activity you do by cycling or swimming.


30. HealthyWage

This website totally deals with wellness challenges to provide the clients with cash prizes in real.

You can make your own personal weight loss challenges or form a friend’s group and accept the group challenges.

Also, you can compete with the corporate programs that help you in your own wellness. HealthyWage conducts small competitions where you can earn a minimum of $10000 as a winning prize.

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31. Achievement

This is one of the top 10 best health tracking applications that keep track of every physical activity you do.

Consider walking or swimming or biking or running or playing any physical sport will add on to your list and you can generate income accordingly.

Also, the Achievement app lets you compete with others to earn a healthy income fastly.

Also, you can connect to other interlinked applications and earn coins accordingly.

Later, redeem the points and earn real cash through PayPal or direct deposit or you can also donate the amount to some charities.


32. StepBet

Basically, you can earn around 40 dollars for every goal you finish.

For each segment, you need to finish a six-week program without fail for which StepBet will pay you accordingly. 

Select a particular game or the segment in which you would like to participate in. Then keep continuing or leveling up accordingly to earn pure healthy money.


33. SweatCoin

Sweatcoin is one more app that keeps tracking your outdoor steps using your GPS location and phone’s accelerometer.

Luckily, the steps you take, keep you gaining some income accordingly.

Either you can cash out your income through PayPal or purchases any gift cards or you can donate the sweat coins to some charity.

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34. Charity Miles

Charity miles lets you donate the money you make by doing all your physical activities. This application is designed specifically to help people or charitable trusts.

You need not invest money or lend money yourself but you need to just download the application and do all your other physical activities as usual.

Usually, the GPS track down your daily activities and pays you rewards for running, walking, or cycling.

With the Charity miles application, you need to finish your task by logging into the website.

Basically, the application doesn’t run in the background so you need to remember that you have to upload or track your workout by logging into the application.


35. Higi

This website is not only designed for your basic physical activities but also provides rewards for taking the help of tracking stations or pharmacies in the country.

You will be earning points for every health parameter or every health station check-ins.

Also, you will be earning points that you can redeem for cash cards to buy some products within their stores.

Remember you will not be receiving any real cash or hard cash to your hand.


36. MapMyFitness

If you are a health freak and you purchase many under armor products this application will suit you the most.

MapMyFitness or MapMyWalk or MapMyRun are similar applications that let you earn points for the physical activities you usually do.

You can get connected to the phone sensors or Fitbit easily through the GPS features on your phone. 

Later, you can redeem the points and purchase all those under armor products within the store.


Smartphone Apps That Pay You Money

There are many applications that don’t just guide you to make money but also do help you to plan your savings accordingly.

The below applications will update you about your expenditure and guide you in the right place to invest or make money accordingly.

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37. Credit Sesame

This website guides your credit score and identifies the places where you can save potential income.

All this can be done with a single click at your fingertip using your smartphones.

This website helps you to monitor the growth of the credit score eventually.

Also, CreditSesame helps you to provide every information required to play with your credit details.


38. Personal Capital

This helps in making better investment decisions by calculating the risk factors as it is a robotic financial advisor.

The tools and specialized features ensure that you take correct saving decisions at Personal Capital.

It also gets interlink to other similar applications which helps you to make a comparison of all prices available.


39. Digit

Digit is one of the micro-savings panels which will help you in accumulating a small amount of money that you have been spendings over a particular duration of time.

There is a 1% bonus for every three months of your savings which will help you in grabbing a little more extra deal.

You can also avail of their 30 days free trial session which will help you in understanding the company rules to handle your income correctly.

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40. LowerMyBills

This website is another money-making application that helps you in saving money on your housing plans and mortgage.

LowerMyBills helps you in getting connected to reliable vendors who can provide you with competitive rates compared to the market.


41. Mint

This application lets you track your credit card transactions and Bankcard swiping which will help you to monitor your useless or unnecessary spendings.

Basically, this is a web-based and online personal finance advisor which will help you in managing your lifestyle.

The mint application also helps you with the tools and the intelligence device which will help you in making better financial decisions.

Basically, this is one of the top money-making apps that have been created to plan your budget and reach your financial goals by saving money.

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Make Money By Playing Games on Smartphones

Yes, it is true that you can earn money by playing games online. There are many websites that actually pay you real cash for just playing games or watching videos or searching in their website panels.

You need not have a higher-end PlayStation or Nintendo or any other gaming console to earn income for playing. Your smartphone in your hand will get the job done in easy methods with the help of the below applications.

We have already discussed Inboxdollars and Swagbucks. Let us now discuss others who do a similar job.


42. PointClub

PointClub is one of the popular platforms that helps you make money from a smartphone by playing games online and many other microtasks.

The minimum age limit of 13 years is mandatory to get enrolled with PointClub. You need a valid email address and for a successful sign up you will be earning around $5.


43. Gamesville

Gamesville is the most popular web-based gaming website which is free for all on the internet.

You will be earning in the form of points and you can cash out or purchase products that are available within the store.

Not only just playing games but you need to make high scores and register slots to earn income at Gamesville.

Luckily, this application also offers real money competitions and you can participate if you are not interested in earning points.


44. BingoZone

This is one of the best games that I have been raised up playing since my childhood.

Now, with the help of the digitalized world, you can actually earn some real cash playing the game online.

You can start at $1 and later finish sessions and level up to earn more.

You can earn income if you are considered a winner. If you still enjoy playing Bingo you can surely log in to the website and play the game.


45. Clip2Play

Clip2Play has tremendous tournaments that take place daily.

These are usually flash games and basically, the games are between two teams or two players who fight against each other and the final player who wins may compete with the other player.

Your rank will be declared at the end of the day and in most cases, the winners are awarded real cash. Also, you can earn points when you get a valued referral friend.


46. GSN Cash Games

You can get enrolled with GSN cash games which usually offer strategic games or card games or puzzles or any other appealing or exciting games online.

Basically, GSN cash games allow you to try the game before participating in the competition.

This helps you in understanding the game well before competing with the other players.

Luckily, you will be matched with a competitor who has similar gaming skills which are fair competition.

The application not only provides you a clear rule but also helps you in having higher ratios of winning chances.

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Delivery Jobs To Make Money With Smartphone

Most people in today’s life are considering this as a side hustle or weekend job that will help you to grab some extra money to support your daily requirements.

These are considered as one of the best part-time jobs which require just the basic knowledge about the routes and a good driving record with a driver’s license.

You can fix your working hours and so earn income with your flexibility.

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47. Grubhub

Grubhub is another website for a similar sort of job which is highly payable and more flexible.

You need to have 2 years of driving license and experience with the age of 19 years or above.

This organization makes sure that the employee completes the four-step application process at the organization before hitting on to the road.

The process starts with completing the application and then training and later using their work gear before they start their work.


48. UberEats

UberEats is one of the similar online food delivery applications that helps people to get food at their doorstep.

The requirements are similar to other food delivery applications.

You can continue both part-time or full-time at Uber eats and earn income accordingly.


49. DoorDash

You can surely apply at DoorDash if you are 18 years or older and have a live driver’s license with no legal violations.

Also, you need to have your own vehicle for the bicycle to deliver food to the required areas.

All you need to do is to sign up with the application and follow a link that helps you to track your clients and deliver food accordingly.


50. Shipt

This organization hires people to deliver groceries or other goods to its customers.

Unless delivering jobs you can also apply for shoppers placements with this website which gives you a chance to earn more income.

The drivers at Shipt usually make around $9 – $20 on an hourly basis based on their experience and location.

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Side Gigs To Make Money With Smartphone

One of the best earning options is the final section in my article – the side gigs.

Always remember, side hustles are always minute ways of earning income which requires your proper dedication of your time and concentration.

In spite of investing in real-time in the above-listed options, you can try on side hustles first to get habituated to a different way of earning.

Having the phone in your hand makes it easy and it is not as tough as you are thinking about it.

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51. Paying Guest Or Airbnb

There is an application called Airbnb which helps you to rent your spare bedroom in your home to the tourist or other people. This app lets you make money from smartphones easily.

All you need to do is to get enrolled with Airbnb and upload pictures of your room that you want to rent. Also, fill in the details about costing and other amenities and upload that too.

People who are visiting your city may search for such options and if they like your place they can book it for themselves.


52. Lyft

You can apply for a Lyft driver job if you have your own reliable four-wheelers or two-wheeler vehicle. Lyft is a place where you can make money from your smartphone in your easy schedule.

Basically, you need to pass through a few tests the company actually checks on to.

Your foremost job would be to drive people from one place to another within the town and make money accordingly.

Also, you can easily earn tips in addition to your daily payment earnings.


53. LendingClub

LendingClub is an application that is a clear alternative option to the stock market. You can invest in microloans which provide a better rate of return than other bonds or accounts.

Though the average earnings ratio is around 3 to 8% yet there are people who have made around 25% of benefits with their investment.

With the phone application, you can always track your investments for the progress at LendingClub.


54. GiftCardGranny

GiftCardGranny is a place where you can sell all your unwanted gift cards.

It is true that with all the applications at your fingertips you will earn many numbers gift cards that you may waste at the end of time.

This website helps you to sell all those gift cards and purchase any valuable products which you can use in your life. There are chances that you can get around 92% of the benefits of selling the cards online.


Make Money With Smartphone – Conclusion

I am sure with the above list and you are clear about the opportunities to make money from a smartphone.

Rather than browsing on social media or sending useless texts, you can always start to plan your income with your smartphones right today.

With today’s technology, you can categorize your hobbies and make money by using a smartphone in various ways.

Try to get associated with a couple of the websites above listed in try to earn income by dedicating some hard work.

Also, at least you can play games and search for websites to earn money.

I hope the above article is of some other help to you and I would be happy to hear back from you regarding the same.

Please let me know no how much you have made through any of the websites and also do drop a comment or a suggestion to add to the list.


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