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Qkids Teacher Review – Genuine Teaching Job or Another Scam?

Are you good at the English language? or do you belong to any western country where English is everyone’s mother tongue?

If yes, you can pocket some extra bucks every month by teaching the English language to other country people or kids. If English is your favorite subject and you have experience in teaching, then it is an added advantage that really helps you earn more.

There are several platforms to teach English online, but today, I am going to review a company called Qkids, which is one of the best platforms to start teaching English online.

In this Qkids review, we are going to discuss the company, its history, hiring process, pay rates, user reviews, pros and cons, and more.

So, take a look at the complete story of this company and do apply for it if you wish or are interested in teaching Kids.


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What Is Qkids?

qkids review

Qkids is an E-learning website that is founded by Xutian Fu in the year 2015. It was mainly invented for Chinese students aged 5-12 years to teach the English language online through a virtual classroom.

Qkids only hires teachers from the U.S. and Canada and connects both students and teachers online. It is a private company with over 500,000 students from China.

It already Pre-plans the lessons you need to teach, which means it reduces your burden of planning the classes. Teachers have to narrate stories in a fun way to make students concentrate on classes with more interest.


Requirements To Become a Qkids Tutor

To apply as a tutor at Qkids, the basic requirement is you need to have a degree or course enrollment certificate from the college/university you are studying in.

You should also be good at speaking English. This is the main requirement to work as an English teacher at Qkids.

Along with the degree and language skills, these things are also required before hitting the apply button on their website.

  • A computer with an Internet connection.
  • A webcam with good megapixels,
  • Headset, along with a microphone,
  • Teaching experience or storytelling skills (preferred).


How to Apply For Qkids?

When you have the certificates, you can apply for Qkids by providing the basic details like your full name and email id.

And then, you go to the next step, where you will be asked about your country, state, city, phone number, and more.

Along with those details, it also asks some important questions in the application, like…

  • Are you legally eligible to work in the USA or Canada?
  • What type of webcam-enabled computer do you have?

Qkids does not ask for your past teaching experience, but if you have, that will help you in getting good results & reviews from your students.


Qkids Tutor Hiring Process

After submitting your application, their team will review it and contact you if you are eligible as a Qkids tutor. Here the actual hiring process begins, and you will be interviewed in different stages.

  1. Initial Screening
  2. Demos and Training
  3. Trial classes
  4. Review

1. Initial Screening

In this section, there will be a video call session to get to know about yourself, and they will ask you to download the WeChat app to take video call sessions and connect you with recruiters.

And they also ask you to send some information such as your resume, contact info, your available timings, and a capture of your computer screen, etc.


2. Demos and Training

After that, you have to give a demo in front of the interviewer on all the aspects, such as operating the software, managing video and audio qualities with the software, and handling technical issues in the software, if there are any.

In between the demo, the interviewer may ask you some questions, such as why do you want to work with Qkids. and how much pay are you expecting?

Sometimes he used to act as a student and check how the reaction from your side. He also gives some advice on the demo. It takes around 25 minutes to complete the demo.

You will receive some materials related to the training before you give a demo. So, no need to worry about it. They will provide you with complete detailed information and supports throughout the entire process.


3. Trial Classes

After completing the demo session, you work in real-time with the students by teaching them online lessons. For the first 5 classes, you will be considered as the trial tutor, and those classes are also paid.

For every class, you will get feedback with improvement suggestions for the next class. 


4. Review

After your trial classes, you will be reviewed by the trainer for your performance in the classes. If it is ok, they will hire you; otherwise, they don’t. And if there are any improvements you need in your classes, they will provide you with some more extra trial classes.

Remember that in the first two weeks after they hire, you will get only half of the classes; then, later on, you will receive more and more classes.



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Qkids Pay Rates?

qkids payments

Normally the pay rates of Qkids tutors are $8 per session, which takes half an hour to complete. Sometimes you get bonuses for your performance and attendance.

Including all bonuses for each class, you get up to $10, which means you earn $20 per hour.

Qkids pay the amount through bank transfer on the 12th of every month. It doesn’t charge a transfer fee, unlike the other e-learning websites. 



In a week, you will have a minimum of 12 classes and a maximum of 38 classes. If you really reach the maximum number of classes, you earn $380 per week, which means $1520 per month.

This is not a small amount that you really can’t make with a large number of online part-time jobs. You get even more if you have a good rating for all the classes.


Qkids Work Timings

They ask you to attend either early morning or late night as this deals with Beijing timings. Mostly late nights are given only on Saturdays and Sundays. Early morning timings are given on normal days. 

Each class has 30 minutes of duration and has to attend a minimum of 6 hours a week. The time span of a break for each class is around 10 minutes.

The teachers need to attend the class for 5 minutes to interact with the students. Otherwise, some other teacher will replace that class. This may affect your ratings for not attending class on time.


Qkids Review – Is Qkids A Scam or Legit?

qkids ratings

Not at all. Qkids is not a fake website. Qkids has rated 4.4/5 stars on the Indeed platform and 4.3/5 stars on the Glassdoor website.

There are no fake or flawed reviews provided here. QKids is genuinely helping both the students and tutors as well.

Qkids is really a legit company that you can work with without any tension. So, start with QKids for sure to make some extra bucks teaching kids.


Qkids Review – Pros and Cons

Like any other company, Qkids also has some advantages and challenges for tutors. But luckily, this company has more benefits than challenges. Let’s take a look at those.


Before taking the class, Qkids helps you by providing the lessons, required tools, games, and visuals to get a clear understanding of the concept you are going to teach.

You don’t need to get tense about booking your classes. This always schedules the timetable of your classes, and that makes you earn more income.

It offers higher pay rates compared to other companies as well as flexible timings.

They don’t make students feel bored with listening lessons as the teachers create fun and interactive activities in the class. They also plan to have games, flashcards, trivia, and more.

Teachers really involved in the lessons they teach and sometimes behave like a student to get the students to concentrate deeply on the lessons.

No investment or application fees are required to become a tutor.


Qkids is only open to U.S and Canadian citizens.

As this works in Beijing timings, sometimes you might feel uncomfortable to work with.

This has a tough hiring process compared to other e-learning websites because this always plans your lessons and your schedule.

You can only teach a maximum of 19 hours a week.


Qkids Review – Conclusion

As per my research and according to the ratings seen on official websites like Glassdoor and Indeed, Qkids is a 100% genuine company to start side hustling as a tutor.

It is enhancing day by day and getting popular in the way it creates innovative thoughts in teaching. Start your journey with Qkids and make a decent side income just by spending a few hours a day.


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