15 Legit Companies That Offer Virtual Assistant Jobs

Are you a skilled full person who has the ability to organize meet-ups, design and implement strategies, and managing people?

Are you looking for virtual assistant jobs? If your answer is yes then you’re in the right place.

You can try yourself as a virtual assistant to earn that extra dollar. If you’re competent enough, you can start working full time.

As promised earlier, here comes the second article in the series explaining to you the details about virtual assistant jobs.

So, we have handpicked the best companies for you that hire virtual assistants and pay them a decent amount.

We tried our best to incorporate the requirements of the company, the nature of jobs, and payouts. We also tried to discuss the selection process for each company as well.

Do check this article completely, select the company as per your skills and requirements, and have a fruitful and profitable career as a virtual assistant.


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Skills Required For Virtual Assistant Jobs

  1. Reliability
  2. Good communication skills
  3. Time management skills and Multitasking
  4. Ability to strategize and implement a strategy
  5. Resourcefulness
  6. Leadership qualities
  7. Marketing skill


Salary Ranges For Virtual Assistant Jobs

The average salary for a virtual assistant is 20-25$ per hour. It may be more depending on the skills and nature of work.

Another advantage is if you work hard you can work for more than one company simultaneously which means multiple salaries. The more you work hard, the more you earn.


15+ Companies Offer Virtual Assistant Jobs


1. Fancy Hands

If you are good at communication skills both verbally as well as written and if you have a fast internet connection with a Skype account on your PC and a headset, then you are in this company.

Tasks will be given to you with a starting pay from $3 TO $7 per task on average. More info is here.

For more information, check out our complete Fancy Hands Review here.


2. Lifebushido

This is the company that hires you for less work and pays you less. But if you work excellent, more and more will be paid.

You can start with a minimum of 5 working hours a week and if you like the work as well as payment you can extend it up to 20 hours per week. Check here.


3. Worldwide 101

Are you a guy with 7+ years of experience in business? And do you have good communication skills? Here is your choice!!!

You can apply here and after 14 business days you will get your reply and you can expect 25 working hours per week with a pay of $18 to $20 pay per hour.

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4. Time Etc

The main works you need to do for this company is working as a virtual assistant to perform a company’s administrative work, filing forms, making travel arrangements, and scheduling appointments.

If you have writing, blogging, and social media experience you can be given higher priority and important works for which you will be paid in double.

Apply here for virtual assistant jobs.


5. Assistant Match

All that required is a high-speed internet connection, Microsoft office suite, good communication skills, and being available during regular working hours, and responding to emails and voicemails daily is the primary requirement.

Finally, last but not least, you should be able to pass a criminal background check. Apply here.

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6. Contemporary Virtual Assistance

You can apply for this only if you are a resident of the UK as it is open only for UK-based residents.

If they accept, the candidates will be offered extensive training and mentoring. And the pay starts at $10 per hour.

Also, you need to have knowledge in areas like WordPress, graphic design, and Photoshop.


7. Vicky Virtual

The main work in this company is answering incoming calls from home but the condition is your home should be in the US.

Vicky Virtual will pay $10 per hour. But you need to surround a quiet working environment and you should have a clear vision of about 24 inches to see and understand the information on the computer screen.

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8. Paragon Planners

Full-time, as well as part-time jobs, are available in this company. The company values long-term relationships like you.

They have open positions for appointment setting, event planning, administration support, and marketing. Check for more info here.


9. 99 Dollar Social

If you are a specialist in posting social media content, then this is the best one for you. You can work from home.

You must complete 6-7 hours of self-paced online training and some conference calls before the work is assigned. The pay is on a flat rate basis not hourly. Join 99 Dollar Social now.


10. Smith.ai

Virtual assistants are hired here and they will have shifts according to their schedule. This will last for 2-7 hours.

And they can be reduced or elongated based on the work. But that time too can be accommodated according to your leisure time.

The main work is answering incoming calls, transferring them, and booking appointments. Signup here.

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11. Upwork

This company provides many streams of jobs like SEO, graphic design, social media marketing, and virtual assistant jobs too.

You can search for jobs on this company website from the last 24 hours to a few minutes ago and can join them.


12. Fiverr

Fiverr is far more different from other companies. Here u can list out what services you can provide and clients will select you based on their requirements.

And the specialty is you can fix the pay based on the work. You can earn as high as $100 per task in this company. Browse your opportunities here now.


13. FlexJobs

This is the only platform that will filter jobs before posting them on the website. Here you can find excellent job experience with a pocketful of pay. Join today.


14. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is the platform where various companies post their vacancies. You can select the one that is apt for your talent, leisure time, and pay too.

The great thing is Glassdoor will rate and gives reviews for the companies.


15. Indeed

This website provides virtual assistant jobs. Registration fee need not be paid in this. And you can complete the task whenever the free time is available for you. Check Indeed now.

Some more sites that offer virtual assistant jobs are listed below:

  1. People Per Hour
  2. Remote.co
  3. Gabbyville
  4. Zirtual
  5. Paragon Planners

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Here we are at the end of this article. I hope this list of 15 companies that offer virtual assistant jobs will help you to add some more dollars to your pocket.

Pick the right one for you and start working from today. Leave a comment below if you have queries regarding this article.


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