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What if I say, with a great idea starts a great day.

With the same thought, when I started searching for good home based jobs, I have come across one of my friends who works for chat support jobs from home.

Firstly I wasn’t very sure about email support jobs or chat support jobs.

Persistently my idea of leaving the corporate job and to start working from home with such good benefits struck me.

I was searching for a job with good pay that doesn’t affect people’s personal lives and also gives good financial support.

I started researching on such jobs and luckily my eyes stuck on one of the companies which offer chat support jobs or email support jobs.

There are other companies that indicate the same jobs in many other forms like phone chat jobs or live chat operator jobs from home or online customer support jobs from home or online chat representative jobs and many others.

Ultimately, all the above indicates the same whereas you can fix your work hours and answer your clients.

Mostly when they say phone chat jobs, it is just the texting procedure only. You don’t need to have a verbal conversation with the client.

So, if you are in searching for best work from home jobs, then I suggest you look at these 37 amazing chat support jobs once. If you like any of these companies, you can also apply right there for free.

Let’s look into the list without wasting a minute.


37 Chat Support Jobs From Home:

Email and chat support jobs are basically popular for those who are looking to work from home.

You don’t need any specific knowledge to start to work with such companies who hire representatives or operators who can assist their clients through chat.

Propitiously, there are many companies hiring such employees.

As the demand is high, I request you to kindly grab the opportunity.

The below listed are a few of the best email and chat support jobs from home.

These jobs are usually flexible and are very perfect for people who would like to work from home.


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1. Buffer:

Buffer is a company that actually deals with social media and its tweets or posts.  This is one of the best jobs for your search.

There is a total remote team that works with.

All you have to manage is social media and earn attractive perks.

This company offers positions for customer service specialists as well. Join now at Buffer today and start working.



In today’s digital life, you have to have a piece of knowledge about technology. supports people who support technology.

An opening for chat support may not be open always but there would be a few placements for the people who are looking to work from home.

You’ll have a set schedule where you can switch shifts if needed with the other coworkers.

The pay rate is approximately $11 per hour.

A mandatory training period and background check are important.

You can work as a personal technology expert or removed service technician which provides technical support for small businesses and other consumers.

Want to know how works? Check now.


3. Live Sales Staff:

In Live Sales Staff, you will be an independent contractor where you can work whenever the work is available.

This offers work from home to help clients with sales positions or customer services.

The pay scale is approximately $500 per month. It is just a part-time job income.

This company is a wonderful opportunity to grab. To apply you need to send a resume to their HR department.

This organization supports its clients through email or live chat.

Give it a try to LiveSalesStaff 


4. Sedgwick CMS:

Sedgwick CMS is one more organization that I fell in love with. It takes care of its employees and customers very appropriately.

This organization provides excellent customer service and you can also file your claims.

Another wonderful opportunity is if your spouse is in a military Sedgwick will help you find jobs anywhere in the world. You can find remote jobs as well.

The pay rate is approximately $10 per hour.

A high school diploma or GED and at least one year of experience in the customer service field with good communication skills and computer skills are mandatory.

Can apply for positions at Sedgwick


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5. Arise:

Arise is another company that offers chat support jobs to hires small business owners that work on a contract basis.

Basic openings will be for online customer support jobs from home or phone chat jobs or chat support jobs.

Arise has all the jobs from home that suit your lifestyle under one platform.

All you need to do is, search for an appropriate job and apply for it.

The payment depends upon the time you provide to the company.

Click on Arise to check and apply.


6. Apple:

Apple has a strong demand for customer service and technical support jobs.

You need to have live chat or customer service experience.

Familiarity with Apple products is mandatory.

Apple company will send you a computer for free if you have a chat support position offered.

The rate of pe depends upon the location you come from, performance in your work and the experience you have.

Want to get associated with Apple Chat Jobs? Apply now.


7. Paperless Pipeline:

Paperless Pipeline helps real estate businesses to go paperless by scanning and storing their work in particular software.

This company usually provides a particular software to its customers.

The job is to resolve any issues with the software that the clients have purchased.

Payment depends upon the position and experience.

They are currently not hiring but you can put PaperlessPipeline in your pipeline to apply for one.


8. BestBuy:

Best buy is a company that provides support for Apple and Microsoft products.

At least one year of technical troubleshooting experience and availability of at least 35 hours per week is mandatory.

The pay would be approximately $11 per hour.

This option is open for the people in the US only except Alaska California Washington and Puerto Rico.

You can search for an opening on BestBuy.


9. Automattic:

This organization has spread over 50 countries. Finding a placement makes it easy for people looking for chat support jobs.

The main objective of automatic is a WordPress, blog management tool and many other tools that help you to optimize your site and your web experience.

The customer support position is mostly open in this organization. The benefits include Life insurance, vacation policy and also hardware and software reimbursement for the things you used on the job.

The pay rate depends and varies from subject to subject.

Look into Automattic to choose the career that suits you.


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10. SiteStaff:

Site staff plays an active role in accepting the applications even if they don’t have any specific requirements.

The qualification list is a bit interesting as the basic job is to engage visitors, provide empathy and try to handle the problems quickly.

As a chat host, you need to have specific work ethics, 65-75 words typing skills with good grammar, punctuation, and spellings.

You need to be a MultiTasker as you would be carrying 3-4 conversations at a time.

SiteStaff is expanding its business to more branches. Give it a try.


11. Concentrix:

This company offers many benefits like completely paid training, paid holidays, medical benefits, incentives, and many others.

Concentrix deals with financial consulting, marketing, analytics, IT help and more.

This company looks for a customer service specialist to handle email and chat tickets where they can satisfy the client.

Wish to search infinite possibilities at Concentrix?


12. Prestoexperts:

This is a great opportunity for people who are into programming and can help other business figures in the same field.

This platform will help you to take programming skills to the next level.

Payment depends upon the quality of work you provide.

The company will connect you to its client that needs support for the programming skills.

You can either connect to the client over the phone or only online chat.

Check if your profile gets selected at Prestoexperts.


13. FancyHands:

Fancy hands provide an opportunity for people looking after live chat operator jobs from home or chat support jobs from home or email support jobs from home.

This is also n independent contract based job.

An approximate amount you can draw per task is $3 to $7.

It is important that you have the ability of data entry, chatting with customers, scheduling appointments, providing email support, tracking the best prices, making phone calls, searching hotels with a specification and others.

To become a team with FancyHands, click.


14. LiveWorld:

LiveWorld is a place where you get to spend your days making changes on the social media platform.

If you spend much of your time on social media then this could help you to put some amount in your pocket as well.

All you need to do is, respond to the customer feedback and answer a few questions and provide basic customer support.

LiveWorld expects you to provide immediate support as it is totally live to be on social media.

Utilize your experience at LiveWorld to enhance it more.


15. GearLaunch:

Gear launch is a platform that internally connects you to Shopify. Shopify helps to make the people or the store owners sell their items conveniently.

It also helps the starters to design their products and print them for sale under one roof.

For this, the company hires the Customer Service Agents to help the clientele to handle the software.

You need to specify perfect working hours and also have a dedicated computer with a good internet connection.

Here you would be needing a quiet work area as you may also have to answer a few calls.

Try GearLaunch if you are interested.


16. ICUC:

If you own a reputed company or if your a person where you have to provide any reply for your social media posts, ICUC is the right place.

This is basically a social media management company. It handles both businesses and individuals.

The basic job is to look after social media content, moderate to help people manage their social media accounts.

It is better for you to keep it bookmarked and check back regularly for new openings.

Timings are flexible as you can fix them based upon the client.

Opt ICUC if you are searching for a partner to generate income in your account.


17. Iubenda:

Iubenda is one place to get all the legal stuff without having any difficulty.

You need to be a US citizen or Canadian to work with this company.

This is a service provider company that helps business and website owners to generate policies for their sites to ensure that their working within the law.

They have a requirement of basic graduation with experience in the Customer service field.

Join Iubenda if you wish to help people with legal queries.


18. basically deals with mental health therapy. This company makes it easy for the employees in giving support to their clients with emotional health coaching teletherapy, telepsychiatry, and guided self-care. is an app dealing with the treatment of people with mental health issues.

You need to have an MA in a related field with 6 months of work experience.

Both part-time, as well as full-time positions, are available for therapists and psychologists.

Be a part of and support needy.


19. Indeed:

Indeed is one of the best places where you can search for all chat support jobs or online chat representative jobs or either email support jobs from home.

The search engine makes it easy for us to search just by including “remote” or “home-based” on the location bar.

You can find various chat agent positions that are suitable for you to work from home. This company also creates alerts for your search if you wish so.

If openings available,  you can have a pop-up either on your phone or on your mail.


20. LivePerson:

Live Person is a website where it has a “Remote” listing section where you can search jobs with their descriptions.

Basically, hires customer service agent that can work with various clients via chat, emails or by instant messaging software.

Live Person makes it easier to search and select within various brands listed.

Want to try your luck with LivePerson… click it on.


21. TheChatShop:

The chat shop is a very good opportunity to start with. Employees get good training before joining the actual job.

You need to have good internet speed and must be able to type 65 words per minute.

This company is a very appropriate option to select on.

Login with TheChatShop to become a live chat agent.


22. Operator:

Operator is a company that hires people who help users of the operator mobile app to fulfill their shopping experiences.

Basically, these employees are termed as “experts”.

To become an expert you need to get through the basic test of the company.

This company will send live chat requests and the experts need to convince the client to purchase any of their products and explain the product.

Experts earn around $10 per day with incentives on selling a particular product.

They will have to dedicate a minimum of 20 hours per week.

Take help from Operator to join now.


23. CapitalTyping:

Capital typing deals with online business services like translation, transcription, data entry, research, and others.

Customer service representatives of this organization will deal with the clients and answer the questions via live chat or email.

This company usually hires phone chat operators or email support operators.

Presently not hiring. Yet you can try CapitalTyping.


24. Kelly Connect:

A customer service agent requires a High School Diploma Certificate and experience certificate.

The company hires home-based agents which can provide appropriate services to its clients.

An employee can earn around $15 per hour easily.

Start your career with KellyConnect. Click.


25. Needle:

Needle is a company you can opt when you are looking for a side income as the pay does not depend upon an hourly basis.

As a chat operator, your basic job is to help online shoppers to find the appropriate product they are looking for.

You can redeem the points in the store or use it to purchase VISA Gift Cards.

Enjoy the benefits of Needle with a join button.


26. Pressable:

The customer service engineers at Pressable, will work for the support team and are responsible for chatting with current and prospective customers.

The basic knowledge of hosting and websites is a must. You can select one of the two shifts to work on.

The employee has to go through a paid trial before permanent selection.

Become a customer success engineer at Pressable.


27. Site5:

This company occasionally hires agents who have knowledge of web hosting and also with the products that site5 provides.

Basically, site5 is a web hosting service that provides customer support with live chat for technical use.

A commitment of 15 to 20 hours per week is mandatory. The payment is approximately $14 per hour.

You can enjoy benefits like paid vacation and medical insurance being a part-time employee.

Get connected with Site5 to become an online chat support agent.


28. Square:

Square has an app called “Cash app”. The company has an opening for live chat operators jobs, Chat support jobs or online customer support jobs from home.

This company deals with the payment of both individuals and businesses all over the world just by using a plugin card reader for their phones or tablets.

The basic job is to respond to customers via social media or chat or email. A requirement of relevant experience with a bachelor’s degree is mandatory.

Explore yourself by joining at Square.


29. TeleTech:

TeleTech has a vast opening for email support jobs from home, phone chat jobs, online customer support jobs, online chat representative jobs, live chat operator jobs and for similar postings

Qualifications required are :

  • Candidate should be at least 17 years old
  • Should have a high school diploma or GED
  • Have to pass out Match point tests

If in case you do not pass out the test, you can again apply for it after 60 days. A shift of 4 to 6 hours per day and a minimum of 20 hours per week is mandatory.

Join TeleTech and begin your earnings.


30. Uber:

This is one of the popular rideshare agencies. Uber needs people for email and chats support.

As the demand is very high on uber, one needs to allow 40 hours a week

The training period is for 3 days to become a full-timer. $10 per hour can be the pay scale.


31. Televated:

Televated is a company that focuses on mid-size businesses that are in need of call center solutions.

It provides work from home through mail or chat across the US.

A typical shift of 6 to 8 hours is mandatory. $8 per hour can be the earning scale.

This company promotes independent contractors, so they will be responsible for their taxes.

Looking for an effective chat job position, try Televated.


32. Talk2Rep:

With good communication skills and typing speed of 50 words per minute and multitasking abilities, you can apply for a job at Talk2Rep.

You need to have a high school diploma and sales or chat support experience certificate.

The pay is totally commission based so the more you work hard the more you earn.

Sign in at Talk2Rep to start working.


33. Take2Telecom:

Take2Telecom hires people who reside in the US only. A college degree and call center or customer service experience certificate is necessary.

This company provides flexible schedules to work on.

This is again open for an independent contractor where the taxes are Borne by the employee himself.

As the name suggests Telecom means to talk over and the earning is also based upon your talk time. $18 per hour is an average income.


34. MyLivePro:

This company pays a minimum of $8 per hour. They hire independent contractors so that taxes will be directly borne by the employee.

The final job is to handle clients queries via chat or email based upon a specific time schedule.


35. OkCupid:

OkCupid is a dating app. A few of your friends must have already come across this app of finding your love online.

This company hires employees to handle their email chat support to answer the queries of its clients.  Keeping OkCupid in your wish list is not a bad idea.

You will like to work with OkCupid.


36. Amazon:

It is an online mall you could say and this company needs people on a large scale.

Festive seasons or peak seasons are the time Amazon hires people on a temporary basis.

If the organization likes your capability, they may also hire you permanently.

Enjoy your benefits with Amazon.


37. Sutherland Global:

Sutherland Global also has openings for chat support and email support operators. They mostly hire customer service or phone representatives or chat agents. Not a bad idea to try Sutherland Global.

Try SutherlandGlobal for a temporary period of time.



If you come in the category of people, like homemakers, retired persons, students, working person or anybody else, these 37 amazing chat support jobs will help you to add some extra bucks every month.

With most of these jobs, you can work either full-time or part-time. You can even set your own working hours. If you like to text with people and help them solve their issues, you can opt for these jobs today.

If you still have any queries or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below. I am always happy to help.


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