home-based transcription jobs for beginners

15 Companies that offer Home-Based Transcription Jobs

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Hustling a lot with your lives? Looking to earn a few pennies more for your pocket?

Thinking about free time in your lives to be occupied with something more interesting with some currencies in your accounts too…

Here is a small solution for it, if you want to.

The basic topic is to handle your lives with home-based transcription jobs.

I wouldn’t say this is an easy source of income, but I would rather like to say that Transcription is that platform where you can earn money sitting at home with some knowledge of hearing and typing them on-screen.

With the easy comfort of your computer or laptop with an active internet and a little sharp brain and ears.

I shall like to bring you through a few companies where you can deal with home-based transcription jobs by dealing up… signing up… or get hired for and start earning through them.

Basically, you can take Transcription as Data Entry process rather than where you will have to write something for an audio document.


Various Streams of  Home-Based Transcription Jobs:


1. Medical  Transcription:

This is basically related to the medical field and its terminology. So, for this one should have a 1-year certificate or Higher Secondary / Post-Secondary Course Certificate.

Mostly Hospitals or Doctors or Radiologists will hire you for this sort of job. The doctors will send you an audio file and you have to send them a written document of the audio file sent.

One has to be very clear about the work being done. So the doctors will mostly hire an experienced candidate for this particular job.


2. General Transcription:

The basic transcription which involves no much hustle is transcribing any general day to day life audio file into a written document.

This could be any lectures, speeches, interviews, phone messages, podcasts etc…which do not require any specific or particular terminology.

If you are looking for any easy home-based transcription jobs from home and as a beginner you can opt for general transcription jobs.


3. Legal Transcription:

This is again a bit similar to the Medical Transcription, as this will involves legal terminology for which experience and familiarization with terms and sections are needed.

This does not require and certification but dealing with legal actions should not be a lame man game.


4. Corporate Transcription:

As suggested by the name…. few organizations need transcriptions who have specific knowledge on the words related to a particular field like the annual meetings, conferences, interim results, etc.


5. RealTime Transcription:

I guess this could be the toughest part of the job. As the name suggests RealTime transcription itself means that you have to transcribe by listening to any live audio.

For this, you will need to have very good typing skills and the accuracy of listening to the conversation and you would also need very good and specialized stenography equipment.

Mostly experienced typists and the people with very good ability to hear can opt for such positions.

It is always better to have basic knowledge on choosing the stream before starting up on any home-based transcription jobs.

I understand work from home should be easier so I suggest you opt for general transcription jobs which are helpful to earn without much hassle in your daily routines in the earlier stages outsourcing such type of home-based transcription jobs.

Let’s check the list of 15 best companies that offer home-based transcription jobs for everyone. Keep reading.


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Companies that offer Home-Based Transcription Jobs


1. Quicktate:

This is one of the best legal companies that offer home-based transcription jobs to freelancers who would like to make money from any part of their lives.

The payment from this company would be made through PayPal every first working day of the week.

The work at Quicktate is easy because there are no time limits for the work but the pay is a little low comparatively.

Pay rate: Up to $7 – $10 per hour.($0.00025 – $0.005 per word).

Payment Method: Weekly payout through PayPal every Monday.

Signup link: Click here to join as a Quicktate transcriber.


2. VerbalInk:

VerbalInk is another best company that offers home-based transcription jobs.

As per thorough research on VerbalInk… I could say that the experience people or rather the very experience people can opt for VerbalInk.

Also as far as my knowledge goes these people hire only people based on the US. There will be a very hard test which you have to be qualified.

For this particular company, you must and should use a foot pedal and headset. Unless as in many other transcription jobs, VerbalInk has a special and different application process.

The organization will need a detailed resume with a cover letter. If they think that the applicant is legible, they would hire the person with immediate work.

The next process is that you need to be clear enough with the hours of work you can give to the company.

There are no specific hours to be done but your suggested time will be filled up with specific work of which you have to meet the deadline.

The VerbalInk does pay you a little higher then the other transcription companies pay to a beginner. So we could say, the toughness is honored.

Pay rate: Up to $5 – $8per hour.($0.00025 – $0.005 per word).

Payment Method: Payout through PayPal every Fortnight.

Signup link: Click here to join as a VerbalInk transcriber.


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3. AccuTran Global:

This company encourages every individual who is searching for home-based transcription jobs. This particular company deals with many streams of transcription.

There would be a simple test and if you get through the test, you can start earning.

The pay rates are a bit low yet it will be a good start. The company also claims that there are frauds who ask for credit card details before they sign up.

But the company specifies that the applicant needs to click on the ” Apply for Work” button in the instructions.

AccuTran Global does not hire you every now and then. The higher according to their needs and process on demand.

Like, in case if AccuTran Global is looking for experienced stenographers or voice writers… They will mention a specific date for the general transcriptions to apply for.

This process is a benefit for both the company as well as for the individual who is applying. Please think before you get started!!!

Pay rate: $0.005 – $0.0066 per word for beginners.

Payment Method: Monthly payout through Check or Wire Transfers every 15th of a month.

Signup link: Click here to join as an AccuTran Global transcriber.


4. Rev.com:

This company transfers money through PayPal only. One should have his or her PayPal account.

Rev.com offers home-based transcription jobs to people who are eligible for their typing skills and hearing skills.

One needs to apply for a job online and complete a test in their specified software and has to send the document to the organization.

You will receive an email with results after 5 working days. If you are qualified in the test you would be offered work to be done and if not they would ask you to try again after 45 days.

So if you are interested you can always take a second chance in attending the exam for the home-based transcription jobs.

Particularly every transcription job needs a similar headset and foot pedal and a specific software where the organization deals with work.

Pay rate: Up to $3 – $25 per hour.

Payment Method: Weekly payout through PayPal.

Signup link: Click here to join as a Rev.com transcriber.


5. Appenscribe:

Appenscribe is a platform similar to the others, where you need to have fluency in multiple languages.

To have a clear view of earning through this particular organization you need to have an account and should get through two small different levels.

Fluency in multiple languages will be an added benefit yet a single language also will let you earn some pennies.

As you will have an option to click on the various languages you can understand after getting selected through the two levels of tests.

Not only online transcription jobs… Appenscribe also offers various other fields like linguistics coma translation, web search evaluation, and so on.

This could help people with other qualifications rather than writing only. If someone is good at analyzing the meanings and context of something one can opt for the linguistic option.

Or if a person is capable of writing an audio file in different languages he can opt Translation.

Coming to web search evaluation if someone is capable of measuring the effectiveness of the website systems one can opt for it.

This organization gives more individuality comparatively.

Pay rate: Up to $2 – $10 per hour.

Payment Method: Payout through PayPal or Skrill every Fortnight.

Signup link: Click here to join as an AppenScribe transcriber.


6. Tigerfish:

With the highest quality in the work, this friendly and flexible company offers home-based transcription jobs.

Same as the others, there would be a test and the application has to be sent through mail only. The reception would not answer any calls regarding the application.

The work is progressive and a project itself may last a week. So, we can hope there would be a handful of a job for the people opting for.

Pay rate: Up to 5 – 7 cents per line.

Payment Method: Payout through PayPal every Fortnight.

Signup link: Click here to join as a TigerFish transcriber.


7. SpeakWrite:

Experts on this can earn around $3000 per month. If one already has the experience and is also from Canada or the US, they can immediately start applying as a contractor for this transcribing company.

SpeakWrite deals with various sectors like law enforcement, government, or other private sectors.

one needs to make the real deal and has to opt for the segments.

Pay rate: Up to 1/2 cents per word for beginners //  approx $12/hour for an experienced transcriber.

Payment Method:  Not specific.

Signup link: Click here to join as a SpeakWrite transcriber.


8. CastingWords:

Casting Words is again a transcription firm that hires people who are looking for freelance transcription jobs.

FAQ segment on their website, advises a list of different countries they hire. Don’t worry – the list is long.

The pay rate varies based on the quality of the media file. The poor the quality, the more you will be paid for. The payment is made through Pay Pal.

Pay rate: Up to $ 0.30 – $ 1 per minute audio file.

Payment Method: Payout through PayPal every Friday.

Signup link: Click here to join as a CastingWords transcriber.


9. GMR Transcription:

Transcribe Better, Earn Better is their motive. The pay scale would vary from $ 1,000 – $ 3,000 per month based upon their transcribing skills.

The difference in the amount depends upon the difficulty levels in the assignments. The time limit of the assignment remains the same.

There will be many rules to be followed to attend a test. All the process will be mailed to you and you need to go through each and every line to follow the terms.

Then download the audio file sent to you and you need to transcribe and send the same to the given email address.

Pay rate: Around $ 10 – $ 14 per Audio File.

Payment Method:  Not Specified.

Signup link: Click here to join as a GMRTranscription transcriber.


10. British Creek Communication:

The list to opt for particular steam is massive as they deal with Veterans Affairs, Immigration, Social Security, and Corporate clients. They are ready to hire anybody, even beginners.

The process is the same as the others, you need to pass a test and then you shall be offered work through emails. The work hours are specific enough.

The payment will be made through the files you attend to transcribe. The tougher the file, the more you get paid for.

This firm has made it clear on its website about the details it requires while you send them a mail for the application.

Once you mail them the details. They would select and then send you the work for enrollment. Yes !! this is just an enrollment procedure.
You can imagine the selection process is not easy and so the fruit will be tastier.

Pay rate: Upto  $7 – $10 per hour.($0.00025 – $0.005 per word).

Payment Method: Payout through PayPal every Fortnight.


11. CrowdSurf:

CrowdSurf mostly encourages people with or without experience.

Freelancers transcribers or the freshers can opt for this, as they provide basic training and supports to get started to earn from home.

It basically has three steps to get enrolled. The signup procedure, then to join the company and finally starting to work with CrowdSurf.

The hiring procedure and the payment procedures will be made through the work market.

Pay rate: Up to 5 – 7 cents per line.

Payment Method: Payout through Work Market every Monday.

Signup link: Click here to join CrowdSurf as a transcriber.


12. Ubiqus:

Even if this company looks for UK based or English accent people, it also encourages people all over with good hearing and writing skills.

They have a variety of voice transcription.

All you need is a headset and a foot pedal to earn through home-based transcription jobs.

The company ensures to provide the basic verbatim transcript of any meeting. Also ensure to hire the fast, attentive, and accurate skilled person for the jobs.

Like the other, Ubiqus also has a procedure to be followed before getting enrolled and start your transcription work from home.

Payment would be similar for every joiner. Even if you have a little experience the payment would be the same and you have to start from the beginning.

Pay rate: Up to 0.0058-0.0065 per word.

Payment Method: Payout through Work Market every Fortnight.

Signup link: Click here to join as a Ubiqus transcriber.


13. Scribie:

Work from any corner of the World.  Perfect for Work from Home Jobs.

Join Scribie by passing a test. Payments are through PayPal.

Earn good money based upon the audio you select. You need to be careful enough to opt for the file. The tougher, the more money you make. But the more chances to mistake.

Pay rate: Up to $ 0.50 Per Minute.

Payment Method: Payout through PayPal every Monday.

Signup link: Click here to join as a Scribie transcriber.


14. 3PlayMedia:

The good firm needs your 99% accuracy with the work.

This pays you for your hard-work the same as it pays to your liberal work. Even the complex content or the poor audio file will be required good accuracy with the same amount of pay.

Captioning and Video Accessibility, Transcription, Audio Description, and Translation and Subtitling are the fields you need to check before you get started.

Pay rate: Up to 5 – 7 cents per line.

Payment Method: Payout through PayPal /Skrill every Monday.

Signup link: Click here to join as a 3PlayMedia transcriber.


15. Daily Transcription:

Are you an introvert?  You would prefer mail conversation rather than a telephonic one? This company exactly does the same.

The pay scale is less comparatively, so does mostly all transcription companies do.

You should pass through the transcription test. Once you enroll, you have to specify the working hours and follow them strictly. If you think you need to change your working hours, you need to inform them prior.

Pay rate: Up to 75 cents per Minute Audio File.

Payment Method: Payout through PayPal / Work Market every Monday.

Signup link: Click here to join as a DailyTranscripton transcriber.



Here we are at the end of this article. Now you have 15 legitimate companies that offer home-based transcription jobs for both beginners and experienced people.

I hope this list will help you to find the best part-time job that fits your skills and add some extra bucks to your wallet every month.

So now I would like to hear back from you, which of those companies you are going to start working with? Leave your response in the comments.

You can also share your queries, suggestions, experiences with us in the comments section. This helps future readers.


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