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So… you are searching for some best ways to make extra money. You are in the right place. Keep reading through the article to know more about 54 best and handpicked ways to make extra money either online or offline.

Before going to the list, let me share what motivated me to write this article that discusses the real possible ways to make extra money every day.

Who doesn’t want some extra income per month to check some more items in their wish list?

Some extra bucks to increase savings or fulfill shopping dreams or some fantasies that lie deep in our hearts and thoughts. This article is for all those who look for those extra dollars.

So far you have seen many posts from us that explain about the smart ways to make extra income, and then take them to the next level through which you can earn as much as a full-time job.

We thought you how you can be your own boss, and rewrite your destiny. All these jobs had focused on a simple topic and explained them in detailed.

But before explaining all these I thought it’s a better way to give an overall idea about all the topics, and all the ways through which you can earn those extra cents in a simple way.

This article is a testimonial of our knowledge and the content of this blog and focuses on all the top ways through which you can earn money online as well as offline.


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54 Real Ways To Make Extra Money:

If you manage to focus on any one of the items in the list and want to know more about it I can assure you that you’ll find an entire article explaining about your intentions specially and address all your doubts.

So always stay tuned with us.

And now I’ve shortlisted around 54 best ways through which you can earn a decent to high income online by just sparing your free time.


1. Virtual Assistant:

Plan and organize meetups and manage people. Plan out a detailed schedule of tasks for your clients. I am sure it’s not gonna be hard, and without any boss around the corner, it’s more fun.

Learn more: 20 Highly Paid Freelance & Virtual Assistant Jobs Online.


2. Online teaching:

For those who are passionate about teaching, you can teach what you know. Reach out thousands of students out there online and earn not just their respects and applauds but a decent income also.

Recommended article: 10 Best Platforms To Get Paid To Teach English Online.


3. Online coaching:

If you can help someone clear their exam easily with the expertise you have, make some good online courses and sell them. Provide them guidance throughout the course. Do this but not for free.


4. Survey and polls:

Answering a survey is fun. Be it about a product or person, just tell them what you feel. Many sites out there giving as much as $50 per survey. You’ll get what you want only if you know where to search.

Signup for Vindale Research | Survey Junkie | Inbox Dollars | MindsPay. These platforms are 100% legit and high paying survey platforms in the industry.

Read our review of tops 5 high paying survey platforms on the Internet.


5. Cooking and recipe making:

If cooking is your passion and you have some secrets of making tasty food many people are ready to buy those secrets at any cost. What are you still waiting for?

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6. Music teacher:

If you know music, just teach your neighboring children some basics in your free time and earn money. As time progress you can start classes or start teaching online.


7. Fitness trainer:

If you are a fitness freak you know workouts are all about spending…spending extra calories. But it’s not just that, while spending those extra calories you can earn extra cents by helping others to stay fit just as you are.


8. Sports trainer:

There is an inherent passion for every child to excel in sports. So just focus on them and train them in their favorite sport.


9. Writing a book:

You need not be a poet for doing this. Anything and everything can be a topic of writing if you have the right kin did think.

Share your experience and how you came out of it. Write about some tips you know. And I’m sure that’ll end up as one of the best sellers.


10. Freelance proofreading:

Finding others mistakes is fun. If this fun earns you money that’s proofreading. Read more to get into this job.


11. Transcriber:

It’s not a big task listening to what others say and typing them. Certainly not when you get paid for it.


12. Homework helper:

There are sites that pay you huge for providing homework help for their clients. Just go back to school level and help those kids to complete their homework.


13. Start a blog:

Share your ideas, experiences online in your own blog. Post regularly and be creative with your posts. I am sure you’re gonna be the talk of the town soon. Read our step-by-step guide to start your WordPress blog.


14. Start a YouTube Channel:

Make attractive, cool videos and post them on YouTube. Get as many views as possible and publish advertisements.


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15. Sharing opinions(focus groups):

Just share opinions about a thing, place or something that you know. That’s it.


16. Rating products online:

From daily usage products to luxury cars and planes, rate your experience with the product and get those extra bucks.

Check these popular platforms that pay you for reviewing products. Review Stream  | Software Judge.

Read more: 14 Best Platforms To Get Paid To Test Websites From Home.


17. Web designing:

Design some attractive websites for small-scale companies and help them to reach out to their customers online. They’ll help you reach the end of your wish list.


18. Graphic designing:

Create stunning banners, logos and promotional creatives for small companies. You can increase your creativity and also earn big bucks from home.


19. Freelance writers:

Many popular bloggers are looking for a freelance writer who can write content for their blogs. Just give it a try. This job is one of the high paying jobs on the internet and could become your full-time career.

Read more: 18 Best Sites That Pay Money For Freelance Writers.


20. Become a distributor of a product:

If you have some marketing skills, try out becoming a distributor of new products and help the company reach many.


21. Online marketing:

Advertise and sell products online using various platforms and social media.


22. Managing social media accounts:

If you have hands-on knowledge of messaging, managing social media page or group, then you can take up this job. Most of your clients would be politicians or political organizations or celebrities.

Recommended article: 7 No Investment Side Business Ideas You Can Start On Facebook.


23. Affiliate marketing:

If you have a famous site or a blog that has a lot of visitors, affiliate marketing works for you. You can post ads and get paid for every click and a fixed amount when someone buys a product from your referral link.

Read more about affiliate marketing here.


24. Become a DJ:

Any party or any event without a loud music isn’t what it actually meant to be. Loud music changes the mood of the place completely. There is an increasing demand for DJs and they are paid high salaries.


25. Be a local guide:

No one knows your locality better than you. You can actually take up the work of guiding people who are new to your locality.

May it be a tourist or someone who recently shifted. Help them to navigate and arrange services like plumbers, painters, Electrician etc.


26. Become an ambassador:

If you are one among a group, you can stay representing your group at various events. Become an ambassador for your campus, class or your college. Ambassadors get special benefits, discounts, and goodies.


27. Look for giveaway opportunities and contests:

Almost all enterprises offer gifts for participating in contests and free giveaways. You just need to be patient and search the right way.


28. Cash backs from various apps:

Every cent saved is a cent earned. You can save around 10-15 percent of your monthly expenses if you pay them through right channels. So know about payment apps, their offers, and cash backs.


29. Rent a room:

If you can sacrifice your freedom and privacy for some extra bucks you can rent a part of your home or room. If your someone who lives in a rented place sharing saves you half of your rent. You’ll get a companion too.


30. Rent parking place:

If you have an extra parking place at your house you can rent it to your neighbors.

They need not search for a parking place and you will be rewarded.


31. Rent your books:

If you are someone who read a lot of books this trick works for you. You can’t read all the books at the same time. So you can offer some books that you don’t need at present for some bucks.


32. Rent your car:

When you go on a vacation, rent your car to someone with some conditions laid down. Your car will be in safe hands and you’ll earn extra bucks.


33. Sell your used products:

If you have a lot of used products and you don’t use them anymore just sell them at a decent price. is one of the best places to do that.


34. Sell gift cards (profitable if used credit cards with various offers):

Buy gift cards using your money and them sell them with a profit margin. Amazon, Google, and Apple gift cards are some examples out of which Apple offers you more profits.


35. Sell items on various platforms:

If you own a shop or manufacture something take your local product into the global market by shifting online. Start selling on online platforms such as Amazon or Flipkart and reach out to the huge customer base.


36. Interior designer:

How small a house may be, it looks great when its painted and things are arranged in a nice way. That’s what interior designers do. Making ordinary houses look extraordinary.


37. Work in a hospitality industry:

If you can communicate with new people freely and greet them with a nice smile then you can try in a hospitality industry.


38. Translator:

Translate to and from your language to another language you know the best. Translators are seen as a tool for effective communication and offered pretty good salaries.


39. Start a dropshipping store:

In the era of online shopping drop and pickup, stores are on a rise. Not a bad idea to try and a very good idea if you plan strategically and work hard.

Check the step by step guide to start an online store.


40. Sell websites and domains:

Look for unused or unsold domains with famous names or company names. Some firms even forget to renew their domains.

If you can grab that golden opportunity of buying that domain it’s a jackpot. They’ll give whatever you want in the return for their domain.


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Till now we’ve discussed jobs that earn you that extra bucks easily. But on a special request form one of our followers, we hereby sorted some jobs for those who don’t have specialization in a specific field in an arena or who are not interested d in above jobs.

As we believe in inclusive growth and the motto “ let’s earn and Let’s let earn” so we are giving you a list of jobs that don’t require special skills and works for everyone.

  1. Work in a restaurant
  2. Become an Uber driver
  3. Work as a delivery boy
  4. Start a baby care center
  5. Parental (old) care center
  6. Start a pet care center
  7. Start a waste disposal business
  8. Painting homes
  9. Repairing and replacing furniture
  10. Car washing
  11. Referee
  12. Deliver newspapers and sell magazines
  13. Become driver’s education instructor
  14. Become a bartender


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So… these are the 54 real ways to make extra money in your free time. Hope this post will help you to pick the right job for you. Start working and add some extra bucks to your wallet every month. Deal!

If you have any queries or questions regarding this article, please leave a comment below or contact me anytime. I am always happy to help you.


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