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How To Sell Feet Pics On Tinder In 2023? (+ Epic Tinder Tips)

With over 70 billion matches by 2023, Tinder is genuinely the unsung leader in the online dating industry. But not just to get your best match, you can now even sell feet pics on Tinder the smart way.

You need a strong marketing channel and a platform to showcase your pics to become a successful foot model. And if you do that, you can easily earn six figures. Some of the best apps to sell feet pics can definitely help you with that.

The demand for gorgeous foot models and attractive feet pics is rapidly booming around the globe. And many social media platforms are now taking an active part in that. Many models now use their social media handles and dating profile to get attention.

Although Tinder is not specifically designed as a selling channel, you can still use it by applying a few tricks. But they will not give you permission to sell anything, and your profile may even get banned for any kind of direct selling activities. So, try it with extreme precaution.


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Tinder – Quick Facts & Ratings

How to sell feet pics on Tinder

Tinder Website HomePage

Although they don’t give you permission to sell anything directly, it is still possible to sell feet photos on Tinder if you play it smart! And what’s more, you can now also get paid to date online by using this fantastic platform.

But before I reveal all the secrets I’ve found while trying it on my own, here are a quick summary and ratings of Tinder.

  • Website: Tinder
  • Apps: iOS | Android
  • Developer: Match Group (Dallas, Texas)
  • Launched In: 12th September 2012
  • Total User Base: 75 million monthly users
  • Signup Fees: Nil (No joining amount)
  • Trustpilot Rating: 1.3/5 (2,300+ reviews)
  • BBB Rating: 1.03/5 (Not Accredited)

My Rating (Trust Score): I’m giving 5/5 for the legitimacy and authenticity of Tinder, as it is a hugely popular and trusted app. But I’m giving 3/5 for selling, as it doesn’t give you the option to sell your feet pics directly.

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Is Selling Feet Pics Legal In The USA?

Yes, it is legal to sell feet pics in the USA. And not just the USA; it is legal in Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and many other countries. However, in many countries, including the USA, it is considered an adult profession.

There are certain things you need to abide by while starting as a foot model.

  • You must be at least 18 years old (must not be a minor).
  • The country you live in must not have dressing or religious restrictions.
  • It must not go against your culture and customs.
  • You must also check with the local law.

Selling feet pics professionally is also taxable in the USA. If you make more than $600 a year selling feet pics, you need to pay professional taxes.


Is Selling Feet Pics On Tinder Legal?

This question is quite complicated! Selling feet pics directly on Tinder is not legal, as that violates the terms of service stipulated by them.

But you can surely use it as a marketing channel to build your audience and also to drive traffic to your actual profile on other sites like FeetFinder or OnlyFans.

You may get your account banned in no time if you use sell-related words, such as “seller,” “buy,” or “selling” in your bio.

Your profile may get banned if you use these trigger words even in your DMs. So, you better not be suggestive here!

You can sell feet pictures on Tinder by adopting a smarter route. And I’ve already discussed the tested ways if you don’t know how to sell feet pics online and make up to $100/pics.

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How To Setup Your Tinder Profile As A Foot Model?

feet pics

Social media can be your perfect answer if you don’t know where to sell feet pics in 2023. And Tinder comes on the top, as it is geared towards connecting adult people looking for dating and fun!

But before you can actually make good use of it, you need to set up your Tinder account the right way.


1. Create A Tinder Account

Tinder Login

Before you proceed with feet Tinder reviews, you need to first know how to sign up on this fantastic platform first! Creating an account here is easy, and it will take just two minutes.

  1. Download the Tinder app on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Install and launch the app on your smartphone.
  3. Click the “Create Account” button.
  4. Enter your phone number and click “Next.”
  5. Verify and confirm the OTP you’ve received your number.
  6. Enter your valid email ID and click “Next.”
  7. You can “Continue with Apple” (for iOS users) or click the “Skip” option.
  8. Click on the “I Agree” button.
  9. Enter your “Name” (Real or alias) and click “Next.”
  10. Select your “Birthdate” and click “Next.”
  11. Choose your “Gender” (Untick the “Show my gender on my profile” option if you don’t want to display it) and click “Next.”
  12. Select your “Sexual Orientation” (Untick if you don’t want to display it) and click “Next.”
  13. Choose “Who are you interested in seeking?” and click “Next.”
  14. Select among the six options in the “Looking for” menu and click “Next.”
  15. Enter your personal interest or “Skip” it.
  16. Add at least 2 of your recent photos (you can upload up to 6).
  17. Click “Done,” and your initial signup is complete.

Please Note: You can use an alias name and hide your gender and orientation in your Tinder Profile. You can even go with a faceless account. But you must use your real phone number and email ID, as you’ll receive OTPs to verify. Worry not; it will not be shown to your public profile.


2. Use A Simple But Unique Bio

Tinder is indeed among the best dating apps to sell feet pics nowadays. But to start your pics-selling business, you need to first draw the attention of prospective buyers.

Curating a bio that reflects your foot modeling profile can be a great start! And you can do that rightly by following certain things.

  • Be minimalist; simplicity is your friend! Don’t write too much.
  • Tell your story within 10 to 12 words.
  • Don’t include anything that suggests you are selling something.
  • Never use any suspicious links in your bio.
  • You must not use curse words or sensitive words.

Give indirect hints so that prospective buyers can pick it! You can include something very simple like “Aspiring model with gorgeous feet looking for a nice guy” or “Model loving high heels searching for nice guys.” But don’t overdo it!


3. Link Your Snapchat Account To Your Tinder Bio

I use my Snapchat account in many ways! And if I need money now, I’ll trust it more than other channels of similar kinds. And you can now use the power of both Tinder and Snapchat together to scale your feet-selling business to a new height.

You can easily create a free traffic funnel with your Tinder account by using the short link of your Snapchat profile in your bio. Doing it is no difficult job!

Edit your bio and place your Snapchat profile link with a Call-to-action prompt. You can use something like:

  • Get in touch through <Snapchat link>
  • Ready to catch up on <Snapshot link> for more fun?
  • Drop a DM in my <Snapchat link>, and let’s connect!
  • Any nice guys out there? Waiting in <Snapchat link>

Please Note: Don’t make any sales calls while linking your Snapchat account. You must not write something like “Buy my pics on <Snapchat link>” or “Selling my feet pics on <Snapchat link>.” Your profile may get banned if you do that.


4. Use Attractive Pictures

If you want to sell feet pics on Tinder, you need to know the tricks to attract your potential buyers. And it starts with uploading HD-quality images. I have a complete guide on how to take feet pics like professional models. You can also get more insight into that!

how to sell feet pics on Tinder

You are beautiful! So, don’t hesitate to flaunt your beauty in every shape and size. You just need to be more confident, and that’s all! We all are beautiful but not rightly confident.

So, it’s time for you to take a step and click some great images of your feet that you can showcase on your Tinder profile. But don’t be obvious; subtleness is the key!

You don’t need to go to exotic places or be suggestive or seductive while clicking pics. Instead, you can do it even in your backyard, on your nearby trail, or even in a pub. Take inspiration from other popular foot models and create something unique and catchy!


5. Take A Subscription

Although it is not necessary, you can get a couple of additional features and benefits if you opt for a Tinder subscription. And in 2023, there are three subscription models available:

  • Plus: $7.99 per month / $24 for six months / $32 per year
  • Gold: $24.99 per month / $75 for six months / $99.99 per year
  • Platinum: $29.99 per month / $90 for six months / $120 per year

Each of these subscription plans comes with special features. And depending on your need, you can pick one that suits your profile. The benefits are:

  • Plus: No ad + Unlimited likes + Unlimited rewinds + Passport
  • Gold: Plus + 5 Super likes + 1 Free boost + Top picks
  • Platinum: Gold + Message before matching + Priority likes + 7 Day insight

Gold and Platinum membership is the most profitable one if you want to use it for selling feet pics. It will give you a free boost each month where you can reach more people, thus more buyers.


6. Opt For Tinder Passport

Tinder gives you many options where you can start marketing something or even get paid to be an online friend. But there is a catch in the Tinder algorithm.

Tinder Passport

The more time you spend on Tinder, the lesser match you get. It mainly happens due to the limited amount of Tinder profiles in your area. Once you start swiping, the matches will start to slow down.

You can bypass this issue by using the Tinder Passport option, which comes with all three subscription models. It gives you the option to set your location to a different place (such as a different city or country) where you will get new matches.

So, once you feel that the matches are slowing down in your location, use the Tinder passport, and set your location to another major city.


7. Start Chatting With Potential Buyers

Communication is the key to success in the adult industry. If you are someone who people love to talk to and feel affectionate about, you can even get paid to sext and make thousands of dollars.

You also need the same skills while selling feet pics, as it also falls under the adult category.

If you want to sell feet pics on Tinder, you need to work on your communications and networking skills. Be friendly and make them comfortable. But don’t lose your professional approach, as Tinder is also not free from creeps and perverts.


3 Proven Tips To Sell Feet Pics On Tinder

how to sell feet pics on tinder

If you ask me, “Is selling feet pics a real thing” or not, I’ll say it is! But you need to be smarter, especially while using Tinder as your primary channel.

Here are some tips that will help you to succeed.


1. Post High-Quality Content

Tinder is your answer if you don’t know where to sell feet pics for free. But this platform has a bias toward high-quality images (like Instagram). So, every time you post pics of your lovely feet, try to upload them in the highest resolution.

You also need to strictly use your own images. Don’t download images from other websites and upload them on Tinder.

Don’t take anyone else’s feet pics and claim to be your own. Using others’ content can get you banned on Tinder in no time.


2. Create Content Regularly

Consistency is key if you want to sell feet pics on Tinder! During the initial setup process, you can upload up to 6 images on your Tinder profile. It is better to upload all six during that time.

And after that, you are free to change your profile pic and upload new images. So, it is better if you keep uploading HD feet images consistently.


3. Use It As A Channel To Redirect Traffic

As you have already known, Tinder will not allow you to sell any feet pics on their platform. Instead, you can use this to drive traffic toward your main foot model profile on other platforms, such as FeetFinder, Feetify, or OnlyFans.

Once you start getting queries on your Tinder profile, you need to redirect them to your actual profile, where you can close the sale.

Redirecting to other platforms where they can pay and then get the pics will also safeguard you from scams.

Note: OnlyFans is a great platform to make money, even if you are not interested in being an adult or cam model. There are other ways as well. I’ve discussed all the ways in my recent blog on ways to make money on OnlyFans.


How Much Money Can I Make Selling Feet Pics Using Tinder?

How much money you’ll make when you sell feet pics on Tinder completely depends upon you, as there are no set rules!

But most models charge between $5 and $10 per pics on average. And if you consider top models, they charge up to $100/pics.

As per a report by ZipRecruiter, foot models earn around $57,000+/year on average, whereas top earners can even touch $90,000+ per year. Another report by Indeed claims that foot models make approximately $42/hour on average.

But this income will significantly decrease if you frequently encounter scammers in this industry. So, you also need to know how to sell feet pics without getting scammed to ensure the highest earning potential.


Pros And Cons Of Selling Feet Pics On Tinder

Even the brightest sun has some dark spots, and things are no different for this one.

Although you can’t directly sell feet pics on Tinder, it has many advantages that can be useful as a foot model. But it has several disadvantages, too!

Pros Of Selling Feet Pics
  • More than 75 million members and 70 billion matches were made.
  • 56% of users spend time on the Tinder app daily.
  • No need to pay anything to create a basic account.
  • Change location and get new buyers using Tinder Passport.
  • Supports anonymity and faceless accounts.
  • People trust Tinder, and the chance of getting scammed is less.
Cons Of Selling Feet Pics
  • You cannot sell feet pics directly.
  • Can get your account banned with a slight hint of selling.
  • You may get less attention and matches over time.
  • Difficult to break the ice if you are not a great communicator.
  • Hard to close any deal right on this platform.


3 Best Alternatives To Sell Feet Pics Online

It is great to start your journey to sell feet pics on Tinder. But there are many platforms also available where you can sell your pics as well.

My top recommendations for 2023 are as follows:


1. FeetFinder


FeetFinder is currently the most popular feet pics selling marketplace in the world. It now has more than 4 million monthly users with a Trustpilot rating of 4.8 out of 5.

It shares 80% of the revenue with the creator. So, whatever you charge for your feet pics, you’ll get an 80% cut. And besides the USA, it is now available in the European continent, Canada, and Australia.

On average, feet models make around $10 to $20/pic. But you can surely charge much more.

You can find more details and insight in my recent FeetFinder review.


2. Feetify

Screenshot of Feetify Website Homepage

Feetify Website Homepage

After the merger of Instafeet with FeetFinder, Feetify is the second most popular feet pics selling marketplace globally. It has more than 300,000 users and over 7,000 genuine foot models.

Feetify gives you the option to fix your rate for each of your feet pics. And you’ll get 100% of it without any commission at all. You can also get a premium subscription for just $49 a year to get more exposure.

Most models here charge around $10/pic, while top models quote up to $250/pic.

Check out my latest Feetify review to know about the actual earning potential.


3. FeetPics


FeetPics is another marketplace dedicated to foot models that recently got a great buzz. Like Feetify, they also give 100% share to the creators. So, whatever you charge for your feet pics is completely yours.

You need to take a subscription (costs $9/month) to start selling here. Most models charge at least $5/photo, while top models take up to $100/photo and up to $500/photo bundle.

Besides these three, you can use your social media handles to sell your feet images. I’ve also recently published a step-by-step guide on how to sell feet pics on Instagram and become a successful foot model. Do check that out!


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Final Note – Can You Really Sell Feet Pics On Tinder?

One thing is sure you cannot directly sell feet pics on Tinder. Instead, use it for marketing your other profiles and using it as a lead funnel. You can also use your Tinder profile for networking and to build rapport with your potential buyers.

Other than selling feet pics, if you are comfortable with other dirty ways to make money, you can use your Tinder profile on those cases too.

But keep it subtle, and don’t make your profile looks like a seller to create a win-win scenario.


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