Top 21 Online Jobs For Students – Earn Up to $100 Daily

Are you a college student?

Are you looking for some part-time jobs to satisfy your full-time needs?

Do you have some knowledge about using the internet and its applications?

If your answer is yes then you’re in the right place at the right time.

Most college students look to earn money through a part-time job may it be for some pocket money, buying gadgets, or hanging out on a vacation.

A person who wants to be independent at least in these areas would like to supplement their free time into a part-time job.

There are thousands of job opportunities, but staying in your place and working at your comfort has its own advantages.

For all those who have hands-on knowledge of the internet and its applications, we’ve shortlisted around 21 profitable online jobs for students. Do check them out below.


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Online Jobs For Students – Make $100 Daily

These online jobs for students are completely legit and some of these jobs could become your full-time career if you work hard with passion. Pick the right one for you from the most recommended list of jobs.


1. Join Fiverr

College students who do not have much time to work but the need for money is disturbing you, the best choice is

It is a better source of online jobs for such people. Freelance services selling starts at an interesting price of $5 can be found here.

And the service you are providing is of more programming type of work and graphic design, you can also charge $1500 per service.

And the awe factor in this is you yourself can fix the service delivery time. Even if the work is not completed within the mentioned time, you can make the customer wait for a day as your impressive work comforts it.

Also, if you complete the work before the service delivery time, you can demand extra payment as you reduced the waiting time for the customer.

Such a website with your comfortable obligations will definitely be liked by you. So join Fiverr and start earning money for your wants. Hurry up!!!

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2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the high-paying and legitimate platforms to take paid surveys that pay real cash. SurveyJunkie has more than 5 million registered users worldwide and this company pays millions of dollars every month to its users.

Here you can browse offers that pay up to $10 – $50 per each survey. You can redeem your earnings as gift cards or PayPal cash.

Signup for SurveyJunkie and start making money from your phone.

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2. Join Vindale Research

Sharing your opinions and thoughts with surveys is also a flexible way to make money for college students. You can answer these surveys whenever you get free time at your college.

Coming to Vindale Research, this is one of the legit and high paying survey platforms on the internet. This website pays you direct cash through PayPal, not gift cards and points.

You can find high paid surveys on their platform, you will get paid up to $50 per survey you take. Signup for Vindale Research here.

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3. InboxDollars

Many students spend a lot of time playing online games and watching videos online daily during their college days. If you are one of them, then this offer is only for you.

Have you ever thought that you will get paid to watch TV or videos? InboxDollars will pay you for that. Not only for that, but you can also get paid to take surveys and shopping online.

This is the most recommended app/website that every student should have on their phone to make some bucks by doing what you love.
Signup for InboxDollars today and get a $5 signup bonus now.

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4. Try PineCone Research

Students very often get many leisure hours in their classrooms. If you belong to this category, then Pinecone Research is a great opportunity to convert your free time into money.

Reportedly, this platform pays up to $3-$5 per each survey and up to $7 per each product review. If you like to test & review upcoming products, then you might enjoy these tasks.


5. MindsPay

MindsPay is another high-paying and genuine survey platform on the internet. This platform offers you up to $50 per survey.

Not only for taking surveys, but you can also make money by reading promotional emails. You can make $0.50 per email you read.

This takes less than a minute and it’s easy to make a decent amount by reading multiple emails every day.

Signup for MindsPay today and start getting paid for sharing your valuable opinions.

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6. Become An Online Tutor

Students can not only study but also can teach others.

There are many online platforms for online tutors to teach students online. As an online tutor, you can make $20 – $30 per hour teaching the subject you choose.

You can teach whenever you have free time. For some of those platforms, you don’t even need a degree. They will just go through a background check to hire you.

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7. Freelance Writing

Are you interested in writing? And did u ever expect that this interest of yours will earn you money?

Yeah… There are some websites and blogs which need fresh content daily or weekly which can be done by you. A freelancer with good writing skills will make $30 – a few hundred for each article they write.

This could become your full-time income and brings more clients with word of mouth if you provide good articles for your clients. As well as you can fill your empty wallet every time you finish writing an article. No need to wait for an entire month.

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8. Start A Blog

If you are a knowledgeable person on some topic, here is the best way of earning money through it.

Start a blog and post your knowledge on the blog and it will drop the passive income in your pocket every month.

Blogging is one of the high-paying side hustles online. You can make a full-time income and don’t need to search for a job if you build your blog from your college days.

Initially, you need to work hard on your blog, later you will make passive income continuously for the efforts you put in the beginning. That’s cool right!

If you are already a freelance writer, don’t delay!!! Make better use of these for your daily expenditure.

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9. Virtual Assistant

Work a little more and get a penny more. Do you think the same too? Then this suits you the best.

You can work as a virtual assistant for clients. Setting appointments, managing websites, responding to emails are some common works from any of the clients and you can earn $12 to $15 per hour.

This can make you interactive as well as you can acquire management skills with good payment.

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10. Transcriptionist

Imagine earning $12 to $15 per hour!! Sounds interesting right? If you are a good transcriptionist all that can be yours.

All that you need to do is listening to audio files and type them and submit them. These audio files are of various types like interviews, seminars, lectures, medical prescriptions, etc.

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10. Freelance Proofreader

How it would be if your daily habit of proofreading while reading books or when talking with friends gives your pocket money?

Freelance proofreading is such a fantastic opportunity. Proofread the books, documents, and letters and correct them for grammatical and spelling mistakes in your free time.

This job will pay you up to $20 per hour and you can do it at your own timings.

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11. Instructor or Course Creator

If you are knowledgeable and a good explainer, the demand for creating courses will fetch up you a good salary.

Create videos on topics in which people show interest or on those incidents in which people generally commit mistakes, help them in correcting their mistakes with our videos by creating the videos on the correct process.

This will earn you a lot of money. And this can be done in your free time.


12. Search Engine Evaluator

Basically, the work is to evaluate search engine results to determine if they are relevant or not to the term typed in.

This is just one way that major search engines ensure search queries lead to accurate results. But we can expect $12 per hour.

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13. Translator

If you are multilingual, you can translate books, documents into other languages and by listening to audios too you can translate the matter into other languages which makes you money.

Technology is helping translators in a better way to earn more money.

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14. Test Websites

Testing new websites and new applications according to the instructions like what is the loading speed, what is the complexity or simplicity in reaching the required specific websites?

And suggestions can be given to the app makers. If the corrections are followed, the apps will be popularised so you will be paid more for your valuable work.

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15. Flipping Websites

Flipping websites mean buying the existing websites and enhancing them with innovation and selling them at higher prices than which brings you a lot of profit. You can earn as high as $2500 per month.


16. Flipping Items For Profit:

This is the same as that mentioned above, there you will flip websites here you will flip other items at a lower price market.

And you will sell them for a higher price at a higher price market. This can earn u a lot of profit.

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17. Graphic Designer

Your creative thoughts with technical skills like creating logos, banners, brochures, creative advertisements, etc. will bring you more money.

Graphics designing is in high demand these days and many freelancers turned this job into their full-time career using some online platforms.

If you have good knowledge of designing this stuff, then signup for Freelancer and Upwork platforms to start working.


18. Data Entry

You don’t need to have special training and skills to earn money. If you are good at maintaining accounts, on excel you can easily earn $20 for an hour.

This is one of the best online jobs to be performed in your free time and as much as you can.

Find more Date Entry Jobs here.


19. Social Media Manager

here is an opportunity to manage others on behalf of other persons. The work is to manage your client’s social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

To be active on the media and responding to comments in a positive way and ban those who come beyond the limits. If the Client satisfies your work you can get double payment.

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20. Sell on Amazon

We can find useless things for us, here and there. They may not be useful for us or we don’t know how to use them properly.

Then what are you waiting for? Sell them on Amazon and earn money. Useless things will be cleared as well as money can be obtained.

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21. Signup For Cashback Websites

For your information, these can be used for saving money not for earning. When you sign up for a website you will not be paid but it will be saved.

There is one thing in this, through which you can earn money. Join these below platforms and start making money.

Signup for these cashback websites:

  1. Ebates
  2. InboxDollars

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These are the 21 best online jobs for students to make some extra bucks in their free time. Pick the right one for you and start working today.

If you have any queries regarding this list, please leave a comment below. I am always happy to help.


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